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Jake’s Take – Inaugural Episode

getting defensive

Listen below as Matt & Jake go in depth on NFL free agency and more during the inaugural episode of “Jake’s Take.”


The Eric Berry Decision, My Two Cents

getting defensive
by Jacob Hunter
Kansas City just signed Eric Berry making him the highest paid safety and it’s just not a poor decision on their part, there was another team that would have benefited from his services and another Kansas City player they should have signed instead of Eric Berry,
I think Kansas City made a bad decision by signing Eric Berry to a 6 year $78 million contract with $40 million guaranteed.  Kansas City wasted all that money when they had a good back up in Eric Murray and Defensive Lineman Dontari Poe would have been a lot better choice to stick the tag on or sign to a long term deal because Kansas City needs to focus on the pass rush and run stopping that a defensive line can bring. The defensive line helps the secondary spread out more instead of staying so congealed in the box just to stop the run and getting hurt in the passing game. Spending more money on the defensive line would let you spend less money in the secondary and kind of let you spread that money in different areas that you feel weak in.
Arizona should have pursued Eric Berry, had he become a free agent, to help out the Honey Badger by taking the weight off of him and to solidify their defensive secondary even more.  This would have been a good fit because they run a similar defense to Kansas City so that wouldn’t change and he would play along side the Honey Badger. Berry would also have the offense to back up what they do on defense, provided Carson Palmer returns to form. Also, I think Bruce Arians and defensive coordinator Jamie Bettcher would be a perfect coach to help Eric Berry transition to their defense and playing style.