2017 NBA Playoffs: What we know so far (Week 8 Edition)


-Matt Magill


  1. I like basketball, I really do. I’ve been a fan all my life.  But am I the only one that is finding the NBA hard to stomach right now?  The playoffs have been a complete bust.  The Finals, save for an exciting game three, have been a series of blowouts.  The officiating has been subpar at best, but honestly much worse than that.  Between fouls either not called or over-called, the complete dismissal of any rule prohibiting traveling except in the most extreme of circumstances, and that technical foul fiasco in game five highlighting the fact that these refs are too quick on the whistle and were pulling for Cleveland in that game (either on their own or as a league directive from the top).  And of course, let’s not forget Jackson and Van Gundy highjacking the broadcast for five minutes to come to the defense of a Kardashian.  Honestly, the list can go on forever.  Long story short, the NBA has worn out its welcome this season, and hopefully it goes away tonight with a game five win for the Warriors to put away LeBron and his band of merry whiners.  I will be ecstatic to not be subjected to these overpaid babies for another six months.
  2. Is there any difference between soccer and basketball at this point in terms of whining and complaining? Soccer is often brutalized by critics of the sport because the athletes are constantly whining to the refs as soon as they are touched on the field of play.  Basketball has become the same way.  Touch fouls are treated like drive by shootings and heaven forbid someone actually does get rough with their opponent (especially if their opponent is the almighty LeBron).  The NBA is not fun to watch anymore, and unless Commissioner Silver gets a handle on the babies under his charge, it’ll have a negative effect on the long term health of the league (or people like me will all die-off and the league will thrive because the look-at-me culture we are being subjected to now jives perfectly with the new-look NBA).

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