2017 NBA Playoffs: What we know so far (Week 7 Edition)

-Matt Magill


  1. As interesting as the NBA Finals have been, they have only really been interesting for a half of each game at this point. There was a time in last night’s game (game 2) that I thought the Cavs might be able to steal one from the Warriors at Oracle Arena.  Then the Warriors shifted into another gear, a gear the Cavs just don’t possess.  Let the blow out commence.  At this point, I feel like my prediction of “Warriors in 6” is off-base due to my confidence in the Cavs being rattled.  Can LeBron and company take one at home?    We’ve seen the Warriors get complacent before for a half (but still be able to win) and that may bite them in one game this series.  I feel like Justin had it right when he predicted a five game series with Golden State coming out on top.
  2. The Just Average Sports Wife and I were watching the game last night and she mentioned (after a LeBron driven possession, naturally) “Did they change what traveling is, or do they just not call it anymore?” She doesn’t watch a lot of basketball, football is more her jam, but she is intelligent and aware enough to know that LeBron (among many, many players) is just running down the court at times without dribbling.  I feel like it needs to be addressed, but obviously Commissioner Silver would rather not ask the players to stop any practice that could lead to the Sportscenter top 10.
  3. LeBron has done everything in his power to will his team to win, but can we talk about how ridiculous Kevin Durant has been? I’m not saying that he will supplant LeBron as best player in the league, but he is certainly the best player on the court whenever he laces up his sneakers.
  4. I will admit, I didn’t watch a lot of the playoffs to this point. Whether it was because they were not on non-cable television, or because I just wasn’t interested in the games because they were all blowouts, I just had not actually physically sat down to watch a game.  That being said, watching the Warriors play has been a delight.  It’s not the old school basketball that you will hear Justin and I talk about on Faces for Radio, but it is an exciting brand of basketball that focuses on fundamentals like passing and defense.  Steve Kerr learned from the best in Jackson and Popovich and he’s implemented a system that other teams will try to duplicate, they’ll just never have the personnel to do so.

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