Same Old Cowboys

Get Off My Lawn

-Matt Magill



With news that 2016 defensive standout David Irving will be hit with a four game penalty for violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy, he joins a long list of Cowboys (both current and former) that have been on the receiving end of league-mandated vacations.  The Cowboys have built a defense on “no-name” players that come together under the stewardship of Rod Marinelli to create a sometimes pretty terrible, sometimes pretty great, oftentimes middle of the road group.  Irving blew up last year after being plucked off Kansas City’s practice squad and was in line to cash in next offseason if his production continued to improve after last year’s break out campaign.

Irving could have left millions of dollars on the table, however as he is yet another Dallas defender that was pinched for PEDs.  Will the Cowboys re-sign someone that is one failed test away from a lengthier suspension?  Was last year’s breakout just performance enhanced smoke and mirrors?  Will Irving still command as hefty a raise if he’s only playing twelve games next year?  With players like Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence still on the team and Rolando McClain in the recent past, will Dallas try to distance itself from the ne’er do wells on defense like they have on offense?  Those are all questions to ponder when the Cowboys commence their NFC East title defense this fall.

I think the big question is, on a defense with plenty of players that have been in trouble for “juicing” why aren’t they any better?  Can’t these guys coordinate their juicing schedule so you can get one stellar year out of that group of bums that leads to a title?  Instead, their staggering it so only one guy on the defense is any good (enhanced or otherwise) at any one time (except Sean Lee who is just an oft-injured robot).

What say you, Cowboys fans?  Would you trade a title for the knowledge that your team did it while under the influence of PEDs?  Do you think PEDs work well enough that they would tip the scales in Dallas’ favor (and not just if you count tranquilizers in Garrett’s Kool-Aid as PEDs)?   Let your voices be heard!


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