2017 NBA Playoffs: What we know so far (Week 5 Edition)

Get Off My Lawn

-Matt Magill


  1. The Cavs and Warriors are still on a collision course.
  2. Nope, that’s it. Despite the Cavs giving last night’s game to the Celtics, they are going to meet the Warriors in the Finals.  No one is surprised at this and the entire NBA fanbase just let out a collective yawn.

So, instead of giving you the shortest article ever, here are a couple more thoughts I had:

  1. LaVar Ball is human garbage. If you have not heard his interaction with Kristine Leahy on Colin Cowherd’s radio show last week, go check it out.  You can find Cowherd’s podcast on your favorite podcast platform.  The interaction is as terrible as you may think it would be given Ball’s narcissistic attitude, yet it takes a decidedly aggressive turn towards Leahy that makes all the other fake machismo bravado that he exhibits seem like a cover for an evil and sinister side that has no place in modern society.
  2. Depression is a terrible disease. It took one of the greatest musicians in rock history last week, our generation’s Freddie Mercury.  Chris Cornell battled with depression for his entire life, as many people do; and it claimed him last week as a final warning to those that loved his music and followed him since the Grunge scene exploded in the early nineties.  His sacrifice will hopefully serve to remind others afflicted with this disorder to seek help, to realize that they are not alone, that ending your own life is not and never will be the answer. Cornell leaves behind a legacy of music that will never be rivaled and a legion of fans that are heartbroken at his passing.  “Gone too soon” does not do him justice.
  3. Okay, that was pretty heavy. Sorry about that.  We’ll close by reiterating that the NBA is boring and LaVar Ball sucks.

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