2017 NBA Playoffs: What we know so far (Week 4 Edition)

Get Off My Lawn

-Matt Magill


  1. The Cavs and Warriors are still on a collision course.
  2. The Rockets shot their way out of the playoffs, and James Harden’s no-show didn’t help matters at all. Good thing MVP is a regular season award (that’s awarded after the postseason) or else Westbrook and Harden would have played their way out of contention the last two rounds.
  3. The Spurs played two of their best games back to back (the closeout win over Houston with Leonard on the bench and the first game of the Western Conference Finals) and still find themselves down 1-0 to the Warriors. I do think that the Spurs will be able to win a game, maybe two against the Warriors, even with Leonard nursing that re-aggravated ankle injury, but they threw their best punch combo out there, Golden State took it on the chin and bounced back.  The Warriors this year are head and shoulders better than the Warriors of the last two years.
  4. So Cleveland gets to waltz to the Finals again because the East is beating itself up. Hopefully whoever wins the game tonight between the Celtics and Wizards can play the momentum game and make a bit of a series for the Cavs, but I doubt it.  I’m sure I’ll be back here next week saying how both Cleveland and Golden State have commanding leads in their respective series.

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