2017 NBA Playoffs: What we know so far (Week 3 Edition)

Get Off My Lawn

-Matt Magill


  1. The Cavs and Warriors are on a collision course.
  2. While you could say that the other two series (Rockets/Spurs and Celtics/Wizards) are interesting, good basketball, that would be a lie. None of the eight games in those two series have been close, with the smallest margin of victory a ten point Celtics overtime win in game two.  While those four teams beat the tar out of each other, the Cavs (who swept the Raptors on Sunday) and the Warriors (who should finish off the Jazz tonight) will be resting their key players as they prepare for a showdown in the finals.  How do you think Kevin Durant feels not having to sweat through a six or seven game series this year?  Injury or not, that has to feel pretty good.
  3. At least we are finally seeing Washington live up to the Wall/Beal hype of the last few years. Not that it matters if LeBron and Co. get a week off between series, but it’s still nice for the fans in Washington to have something to root for.
  4. As good as we thought the Raptors were, it’s time to think about the future. Do they go bad to get great or hope they can add bit players to make themselves more competitive over the next few years?

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