2017 NBA Playoffs: What we know so far (Week 2 Edition)

-Matt Magill



  1. If anything can beat the Warriors, maybe waiting a week between playoff series can. We’ll see Tuesday night against the Jazz.
  2. Speaking of the Jazz, how many pieces away are they from really contending? Will they be the new Clippers (more on that in a moment), the team that gets pretty close, look good doing it, only to lose every single time?
  3. San Antonio turned it back on against Memphis, now they have to ride that momentum against a really good Rockets team. Is Kawhi guarding Harden the whole series?
  4. This is the end of the line for the Clippers, right? Not only is Paul Pierce retiring, but they can’t continue to play this way, with this team.  I’m not saying Carmelo would have put them over the top, but he may have provided more of a spark in this playoff series.  It may be time to start from scratch in LA.
  5. It’s been over a week since Cleveland last played. Is that bad news for the rest of the East?
  6. The Wizards looked good, the Celtics have looked better after dropping the first two games of their series to Chicago. Isaiah Thomas looks like the best player on the floor at times, which is what Boston needs to make a run at LeBron and Co.
  7. We thought Milwaukee was a year or so away, and they proved just that.
  8. Can we stop talking about Russell Westbrook now? He was a fantasy basketball player’s wet dream, but the antithesis of all things team basketball.  Harden was the better overall player in that series and should be the MVP.

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