2017 NFL Draft – 1st Round Flash Review

NFL Draft

-Matt Magill



There are a lot of outlets where you can read about the various first round draft picks (and the trades that got them to their eventual landing place) from last night’s draft.  Justin and I were in constant discussion during the draft, which is why you didn’t hear from us last night, and we had some interesting conversations revolving some of the trades and picks that were made.  I’ll go into some of that as well as some overall impressions from last night’s action.

Start the John Fox Hot Seat Talk:

Trading up one spot, to draft a position you don’t need in a weak draft at that position anyway is throwing money and draft picks away.  I don’t believe Mitch Trubisky is the answer for anyone, especially for a Bears team that has so many defensive holes.  Trubisky may turn into a serviceable quarterback, but I bet John Fox isn’t around to see that come to fruition.

Receiver Roulette:

What is it about Mike Williams that scared Tennessee away?  Sure, they filled the position of need with Corey Davis out of Western Michigan, but they had the best player at that position staring them in the face and they blinked.  I’m not saying Davis won’t be good, I’m saying Williams will be better.  The Chargers made up for Tennessee’s blunder by selecting Williams two picks later.  He’ll instantly take a good offense that already has guys like Antonio Gates, Justin’s man-crush from last year in Hunter Henry, Melvin Gordon and of course, Phillip Rivers, and makes them dynamic.  Chargers games will be must see TV next year.  Watch, this will be a playoff team, while Tennessee will miss that playmaking ability.

Lucky Jets:

The Jets were in prime position to do something stupid with the sixth pick.  Luckily, Chicago did something stupid ahead of them and the Jets took the best player available.  Adams won’t fix their sorry offense, but they’ll need a couple drafts for that.  Adams will strengthen the Jets in a place they desperately needed and should be a major contributor from day one.

Offense Rules the Top Ten:

In a draft that was so deep for defense, Justin and I both found it interesting that three receivers, two running backs and two quarterbacks went off the board in the top ten picks, with many of those picks, in our estimation, being absolute stretches for the teams.  McCaffrey is a good running back, but we both felt Carolina had better options available to them and that they could have picked up a decent back in the second round if they wanted to go that way.  Likewise, John Ross to Cincinnati is such a Bengals pick, all he’s missing is a police rap sheet.  Lots of flash, doesn’t really address their needs.  The Bengals will be picking in the top of next year’s draft too.  And let’s talk about Kansas City for a second.  Justin felt the move to ten was to grab a quarterback before New Orleans and Cleveland (the next two picks) could.  He was right, but the fact that they picked Pat Mahomes was the real surprise.  I thought Mahomes was, at best, a second round talent, and in our Just Average Sports Guys top five released a couple days ago, I don’t think Justin even had Mahomes included.  I know Andy Reid is known for getting the most out of his quarterbacks, but I don’t see Mahomes being the guy, and I think KC moving up that far to get him is a huge mistake.

The Watson Debate:

This was a huge point of contention last night.  As soon as I saw the Texans move up to 12, I knew it was for Watson.  It was their highest position of need, their only position of need really, and something they had to do.  They gave up a first round pick next year, but if this acquisition works, they’ll be picking at the end of the first round anyway.  I immediately thought that this made the Texans the team to beat in the AFC South, and though I haven’t looked at the schedule yet, I can see the Texans winning at least ten games next year.  Yes, the Texans got lucky that they played a battered Oakland team in the playoffs last year, but they outplayed the eventual Super Bowl champion Patriots the following week and would have won had they a competent quarterback.  I think they are getting more than a competent quarterback with Watson.  I think they have a good receiving corps, decent running game and a lights out defense.  I think this is a playoff team, maybe even an AFC Championship team with the right breaks.

Justin was not high on this decision at all, to the point where he assumed it would cost head coach Bill O’Brien his job and send the Texans spiraling into mediocrity.  We’ll wait and see, but I think this will be a fun debate to have throughout the season.  I think both Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns need to send Tony Romo a fruit basket, if nothing else.

Late Round Notes:

I was a little disappointed to see both Marlon Humphrey (16 to Baltimore) and Adoree Jackson (18 to Tennessee) both go off the board before the Cowboys picked at 28, but understand why they did.  I feel like the Cowboys should have done what the Packers did one pick later and traded out of the first.  They could have picked up Taco Charlton with the Browns’ first pick in the second and got another pick out of it.  That being said, I’m okay with the Charlton pick and think he’ll be able to contribute right away.

San Francisco trading back into the first to take a risk like Reuben Foster will either cement this team as a contender in a few years, or could be seen as one of the nails in the coffin of John Lynch the GM.  That being said, with an offensive mind like Kyle Shanahan running the show, it’s a little surprising to see the first two picks of his tenure going the defensive route.  Would this be the case if he and John Lynch had not signed six year deals?

The Bucs are going to win the NFC South next year, mark it down.

The Giants made the most ho-hum pick they could with Evan Engram out of Ole Miss.  That’s two straight first round picks that had people scratching their heads (Eli Apple was their first rounder last year).


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