2017 NBA Playoffs: What we know so far (Week 1 Edition)


-Matt Magill



  1. No one looks unbeatable…except maybe the Warriors.
  2. The top seed does not matter at all, especially in the East. The better teams will win, regardless of where the majority of the games are played.
  3. The Spurs, who looked phenomenal in the first two games of their series against Memphis, look much less impressive the last two games (both losses).
  4. While sweeps are impressive in and of themselves when it comes to playoff series, Cleveland has had probably the least impressive sweep I have ever seen, especially from a title contender.
  5. Toronto vs. Milwaukee may turn into the best playoff series this year, regardless of the round.
  6. The Wizards went from fringe contenders to a legit threat to the Cavs in the East.
  7. The sooner we can stop hearing about how good Russell Westbrook is on a team he can’t help win, the better. Hopefully the Rockets finish the Thunder off on Tuesday.
  8. We kind of assumed Clippers/Jazz was going the distance, so this is not too surprising. Am I still confident that the Jazz take it?  Not as much.


It’s going to be the end of the road for many teams as they’re currently constituted after this season.  Which of the playoff teams are going to look vastly different after this season?


  • The Pacers need to take a step back before taking a step forward. I realize Paul George has one year left on his current deal, so the time to actually get something for him is right now.
  • The Bulls should look to get younger and build around Jimmy Butler. They may not need a massive overhaul like the Pacers, but they shouldn’t trot out the same team next season and expect similar results.
  • The Celtics have been exposed in the playoffs and need a superstar to make a run. Whether it’s a draft-day trade or trying to entice a free agent to come in and play with their top draft pick, they’ll be treading water for the next few years if they don’t make some kind of a move.
  • Despite owning the five seed, Atlanta is on the decline and needs to think about blowing it up so they can focus on getting good again in a few years. A couple years in the lottery may do them some good.
  • I don’t think Portland needs to blow the whole thing up, but we’ve seen the difference between the eight seed in the West and the twelve seed in the West is four more losses to the Warriors.
  • Memphis is and has always been a tough team, but they are getting old and need to build around their (grossly overpaid) point guard.
  • We’ve seen that Westbrook can’t do it himself, or with this current crop of supporting characters in Oklahoma City. It’s time to find Kevin Durant 2.0 to pair with him.
  • I feel like this is the last hurrah for the Clippers as they are currently constituted. It’s time to shed underperforming, overpaid players (Blake) and stock up on young talent or the league will pass them by in a year or two.

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