Eli Manning…Really?

April 14, 2017

By Matt Magill 

First, I want you to read this article from USA Today.  It’s okay, I’ll wait.


Now answer me this: who would buy Eli Manning game worn equipment, unless they’re shooting a Tide commercial?  Seriously, he spends more time on his back than Ray Rice’s wife after an elevator ride.  Hell, even Giant fans don’t like Eli Manning and they’re notorious for bad judgment.  The lesson we learned here is to not do things via email or any kind of traceable method.  If Eli had just made this request face to face, he probably would not have got caught.  Paper trail, Eli!  Come on!  You’re better than that, not by much, but that was a rookie move.  I’d expect that out of Zeke Elliott, but his contribution would be bra from Mardi Gras instead of football gear.  Seriously, there are teenagers cheating on their girlfriends that know better than to leave a paper trail.  For shame Eli, for shame.


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