No More Fourth Quarter Comebacks


-Matt Magill


I have already written my goodbye piece to Tony Romo ( when it was clear that he was leaving the Dallas Cowboys.  At the time, many people, probably even Tony himself, assumed it would be for Houston or Denver.  We have recently learned that will not be the case as Romo has decided to ride off into the sunset, retire and go into broadcasting.

I am sure that this choice was not made without careful consideration with his family, and I am also pretty certain that if the Broncos or Texans had traded for Romo , he would have honored that and stuck it out for at least the upcoming season.  Being held in limbo for so long probably had a lot to do with Romo’s decision to walk away on his own terms.  Sure, Jerry Jones gets nothing in return for him, but upon hearing the news that the Cowboys were close to cutting him anyway, nothing was about what Jerry was expected to get.

It’s looking like Romo will join the CBS broadcasting booth as CBS has offered him the sweeter deal of the two networks that were reportedly in the running, on the lead team with Jim Nantz, replacing Phil Simms as color commentator.

Romo’s future is still up in the air, of course.  Only he has any idea where he will wind up, and whether his broadcasting legacy will be as fruitful and full of career-defining moments as his playing career was remains to be seen.  One thing is certain, Romo’s legacy can be cemented, and all those haters can be silenced once and for all if he can pull off the broadcasting Superbowl of getting Phil Simms off our television.


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