Day 7 – Cuisine Challenge Final First Round Match-ups

Cuisine Bracket Image

Today marks the final day of our first round match-ups in the Cuisine Challenge.

Here are the winners of yesterday’s contests.

West Region:  #3 King Crab def. #14 Buffalo Jerky

   #7 Cedar Planked Salmon def. #10 Finger Steaks

South Region: #14 Chicken Biscuit def. #3 Fried Chicken

    #7 Shrimp & Grits def. #10 Key Lime Pie

Midwest Region: #3 Reuben def. #14 Potato Crepes

         #10 Cincinnati Chili def. #7 Grilled Sweet Corn

East Region: #3 Buffalo Wings def. #14 Pork Roll and Egg Sandwich

#7 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream def. #10 Fried Clams

Today’s head to head contests are below.  Please vote for your winners in the comments and have your friends vote too.

West First Round Matchup                       MidWest First Round Matchup

South First Round Matchup.PNG                         East First Round Matchup


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