Day 4 – First Round Cuisine Matchups

Today marks day four of our Cuisine Challenge, where we are seeking to find out which dish will reign supreme.  Today, we will be selecting the winners of the #4 seeds vs. the #13 seeds.  Will there be any major upsets?

Before showing you today’s matchups, we want to disclose the winners of yesterday’s first round games:

West Region:  #12 Ahi Poke def. #5 Chicken Fried Steak

South Region: #5 Cuban Sandwich def. #12 Pepperoni Roll

Midwest Region: #5 Italian Beef Sandwich def. #12 Kuchen

East Region: #12 Lobster Stew def. #5 Crab Cake

Today’s head to head contests are below.  Please vote for your winners in the comments and have your friends vote too.

Friday West 1st Round Matchup                            Friday MidWest 1st Round Matchup

Friday South 1st Round Matchup                          Friday East 1st Round Matchup


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