March Madness: How do you watch?

-Matt Magill



Living in Central New York, an idea hit me after seeing how the brackets shook out this weekend.  As we all know, Syracuse was left out in the proverbial cold this time after narrowly making it in last year (and going on to the Final Four, by the way).  While the Syracuse faithful, and even casual basketball fans may be keeping up with the number one seeded Orange in the NIT, how are they going to approach the NCAA Tournament?  If you are a Syracuse fan, or find yourself in a similar boat, fear not, as we are going to examine the different ways to watch the NCAA tournament.

  1. Root for your team. If this applies to you, great, but somewhere along the line, your team will probably be out of it, and you’ll have to change it up (just like I will this year as Michigan State just doesn’t look like it has a miracle run in them at this point).
  2. Root for your conference. This is pretty easy, and should be a lot of fun if you like the Big East or ACC that was able to put a bunch of teams in the dance.  It will also give you a rooting interest in many different games, serving to keep you engaged in the tournament nearly throughout the whole thing.
  3. Root for upsets! This one is pretty self explanatory. The more chaos the better!  The more people that are tearing up their brackets and lighting them on fire after the first weekend, the better.  Serves the committee right for keeping your team out.
  4. Root for the best matchups. This usually means either all the one seeds make it through to the Final Four, or a majority of high seeds and maybe one team that is inexplicably hot (remember VCU?)  This could provide some of the best basketball of  the tournament, but not that unbridled holy shit moment of Mercer beating Duke, or Middle Tennessee beating Michigan State.
  5. With the Sound Off. This is just watching the tournament as you normally would, but with the sound off because the announcers are horrible.
  6. F%@# Duke. That one pretty much says it all.

So how are you watching the tournament this year (please don’t respond with “sans pants”)?


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