All Apologies?

-Matt Magill



Myles Garrett, the presumptive number one overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft came out with a public plea to Dallas Cowboys’ owner and General Manager Jerry Jones to somehow, someway, trade up in the draft to acquire him with the number one pick.  This would require a mammoth trade with the current holder of said pick, the Cleveland Browns including multiple picks and maybe even a player or two heading the Browns’ way just to entice Cleveland to budge.

Now don’t get me wrong, Garrett looks like he is going to be a fantastic player with a lot of upside, and honestly, on a team that struggles to rush the passer (just ask Aaron Rodgers) this would fill a massive hole for the Cowboys.  Imagine Garrett up front, next to David Irving and Charles Tapper, with Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith right behind him.  The acquisition of Garrett would make Dallas the Superbowl favorite right out of the gate, regardless of what their secondary looks like.

The question is not whether either team should do the deal, or what Garrett can do at the next level.  The real question is whether Garrett should apologize to Cleveland for making it known that the Browns would not be his choice to play for, if he had a choice.  In an interview he was then asked what he would say to the Browns in their face-to-face meeting.  His response was “I’m sorry.”  But should he even have to apologize?

First, the idea that Garrett would want to play for the team he grew up rooting for is perfectly understandable, and the fact that he didn’t remain PC and keep his mouth shut just because he has yet to be drafted should be commended, not a reason to require an apology.  The fact that he would rather play for a team that is years closer to a championship than the Cleveland Browns is also not something he should apologize for.  I like the way Cleveland is building and I think if they retain coach Hue Jackson and let him see this through to completion, they will be competitive very soon, but they are not to the point the Cowboys are yet (see two paragraphs above).

I think the bigger issue here is the need for apologies from people just because they are being honest.  I look at what Garrett said and see it as more playful, or wishful thinking on his part.  He knows in the back of his head that for Dallas to trade up would take a herculean effort, but heaven forbid he make it known that he wants to play for the team he watched growing up.  If someone genuinely sets out to hurt someone else, I can see where an apology was necessary.  This idea that just because something is said or done that someone else does not like necessitates an apology and some sort of act of contrition is what is turning society into a bunch of entitled babies.

That being said, I would love a Garrett on the Cowboys that was good at his job.


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