The 2016-2017 NFL Season: How did we do?

February 16, 2017

By Matt Magill

Now that the 2016-2017 NFL season is officially over, let’s take a look back at the Just Average Sports Guys predictions before the season started and see where  we got it right (and more likely) where we got it wrong.


NFC Playoffs:

Our Prediction:                                                                 Actual:

Arizona – 14-2                                                                     Dallas – 13-3

Carolina – 12-4                                                                   Atlanta – 11-5

Green Bay – 11-5                                                                Seattle – 10-5-1

Dallas – 10-6                                                                       Green Bay – 10-6

Seattle – 11-5                                                                       NY Giants – 11-5

Minnesota – 10-6                                                              Detroit – 9-7


We obviously missed a couple key storylines here.  In our prediction, we stated that if Carson Palmer holds up the Cardinals are the team to beat.  He didn’t and they weren’t.  We did not take into account the injuries to Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson in Minnesota tanking their season.  And while we said that Atlanta had the potential to reach the Superbowl, they had yet to show they could.  We also missed the “me first” regression that befell the Panther this season and the ascendance of the Cowboys as America’s Team grabbed the spotlight back behind their rookie duo.  Seattle and Green Bay were not real stretches when we picked them to make the postseason, but the Giants and Lions returning did not seem like a possibility to us until we saw them play the games.


AFC Playoffs:

Our Prediction:                                                                 Actual:

Pittsburgh – 14-2                                                              New England – 14-2

New England – 13-3                                                          Kansas City – 12-4

Kansas City – 11-5                                                              Pittsburgh – 11-5

Jacksonville – 9-7                                                              Houston – 9-7

Cincinnati – 12-4                                                               Oakland – 12-4

NY Jets – 9-7                                                                       Miami – 10-6


Right off the bat, we thought Oakland was going to be good, but that they were still a year away.  If Derek Carr had not broke his leg in the second to last game of the season, who knows what they would have accomplished this year.  The AFC was a little easier to pick this year as it did not have the parity that the NFC had.  Houston was just the best bad team, which we thought was going to go to Jacksonville this year.  When we missed, we missed like a Stephen Gostkowski extra point in the Superbowl though.  Cincinnati and the Jets were both pretty terrible this year and we did not expect Miami to improve like they did.


Overall, the Just Average Sports Guys did a decent job of picking the finishing order in the NFL, only being way off in a few places, and some of those were due to injury, so we’d like to think that half credit applies for that.  The early speculation is that it’s a New England-Dallas Superbowl next year.  What are your thoughts?  Is it too early to make that call when we aren’t even at the draft yet?


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