The NFL Awards – Right, Wrong and Indifferent

-Matt Magill


First of all, calling these NFL Honors and acting like it’s the Academy Awards (another garbage institution) is silly.  Second, selling off sponsorships for certain awards is ludicrous and everything that is wrong with the greedy pig that is the NFL.

With that slight rant over, let’s talk about who won, and where the NFL and those that voted on these awards got it right or wrong.

*I won’t be commenting on awards like “Clutch Performer” or “Greatness on the Road” because I find those to be even more subjective than the other “regular” awards, and were clearly put in the telecast to pad it out to a couple hours.


Nominees: Matt Ryan Atl. QB; Tom Brady NE QB; Ezekiel Elliott Dal RB; Derel Carr Oak QB; Aaron Rodgers GB QB; Dak Prescott Dal QB

Winner: Ryan

Who should have won: Ryan is the clear winner here for me.  He had the best season statistically, and no one else really did enough to unseat him.  If Zeke had broke Dickerson’s rushing record I could have seen it, but Ryan was clearly the best player on the field in the regular season.

Offensive POY –

Winner: Ryan

Who should have won: I couldn’t actually find the list of nominees for this award, but assume it was probably pretty similar to the MVP.  They could have split the two up, but why bother.  Ryan was clearly the best offensive player this year.

Defensive POY –

Nominees: Khalil Mack Oak LB; Von Miller Den LB; Landon Collins NYG S; Aaron Donald LAR DL; Sean Lee Dal LB; Eric Berry KC S

Winner: Mack

Who should have won: Mack or Miller (who lost by one vote) were good choices for the winner and I couldn’t argue with either.  It was great seeing Sean Lee getting a little love for his contributions on the no-name Dallas defense as well.

Offensive ROY –

Nominees: Dak Prescott Dal QB; Ezekiel Elliott Dal RB

Winner: Prescott

Who should have won: Either candidate was a legit winner, but with lower expectations given his draft status and higher expectations given his position, Prescott was the clear winner.  Zeke did pick up the award for the best running back as a consolation prize, and I’m sure Prescott smoothed things over with a tub full of M&Ms.

Defensive ROY –

Nominees: Joey Bosa SD DL; Jalen Ramsey Jax CB; Deion Jones Atl LB

Winner: Bosa

Who should have won: Jones was incredibly solid in a hard position to master as a rookie, and Ramsey was a lock-down corner from the jump.  Bosa was brought in to rush the passer, and he did that well.  I just felt that the other two players brought a little more to the table.

Coach of the Year –

Nominees: Jason Garrett Dal; Bill Belichick NE; Adam Gase Mia; Jack Del Rio Oak; And Reid KC

Winner: Garrett

Who should have won: Here’s where I have the biggest problem.  Garrett wasn’t even the best coach on his own team (Marinelli is light years above him) but he seemed to get the nod because he took an injury laden team that was 4-12 last year to the playoffs with a 13-3 record a year later.  The ‘Boys drafted well, absolutely, and I will give him all the credit in the world for his say in this year’s draft, but he is not a good coach.  Jason Garrett is a cheerleader in a headset.  Put him in a gametime situation and the guy crumbles like a cheap donut.  I would have picked Belichick out of this list probably because he navigated similar issues as Garrett but is also a better all around head coach.  The Patriot way yields Super Bowl wins, while the Cowboy way yields only heartache and head scratches.

So, overall, the NFL got it right.  They could have done without the pomp and circumstance and the superfluous awards, but overall, they recognized the right guys.


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