NFL Draft: Does Position Matter?

February 07, 2017

By Justin Lasher

With the Super Bowl now over and the New England Patriots having won their fifth championship in the Belichick/Brady era, we think it is best to move on.  Rather than bore you with recapping and indulging in endless storylines, we have chosen to move past the events and stories from Sunday, and begin conversation on the NFL Draft.  First round positioning is complete, with the exception of a coin toss, between the Colts and Eagles, for 14th and 15th position.

Two teams are lucky enough to have two first round selections, Cleveland and Tennessee.  The Browns have the #1 overall pick to go along with the 12th pick, which they obtained via Philadelphia last year.  Tennessee picked up the 5th pick in this year’s draft via the Los Angeles Rams to add to their 18th pick.  In my opinion, each pick, particularly in the first round can be very valuable to helping turn a franchise around.  If these picks weren’t valuable, teams wouldn’t make attempt to trade up to select someone they believe will impact and potentially change their franchise for years to come.  On the flip side, teams are always reluctant to give up a first round pick via trade or restricted free agency, further proving the importance of this particular round of the draft.

You can find a complete listing of this year’s first round positions at the end of this article to find out where your team falls.  Our question to you, today, is where you would rather see your team in terms of position in the draft?  Would you want your team to be in the position of the Cleveland Browns, who have two first round selections and sit atop the draft, or would you rather be in position of a team like the Kansas City Chiefs, who pick towards the end of the 1st round?  In case of the Chiefs, they won their division.  They made the playoffs.  But, they didn’t win their playoff game, they didn’t play for a spot in the Super Bowl, and they didn’t win a championship.  So, as a fan, do you consider the season a success?  Being the 2nd best team in the AFC this season, earned you the 27th pick in the draft.  Does this sit well with you as a fan, or would you rather have the optimism of say a Browns fan, who have two higher picks in the draft?  Personally, I’d say there is more postseason hope and excitement for a team like the Browns than the Chiefs.

2017 NFL Draft 1st Round Order

  1. Cleveland Browns
  2. San Francisco 49ers
  3. Chicago Bears
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars
  5. Tennessee Titans (from Rams)
  6. New York Jets
  7. Los Angeles Chargers
  8. Carolina Panthers
  9. Cincinnati Bengals
  10. Buffalo Bills
  11. New Orleans Saints
  12. Cleveland Browns (from Eagles)
  13. Arizona Cardinals
  14. Indianapolis Colts or Philadelphia Eagles (from Vikings)
  15. Indianapolis Colts or Philadelphia Eagles (from Vikings)
  16. Baltimore Ravens
  17. Washington Redskins
  18. Tennessee Titans
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  20. Denver Broncos
  21. Detroit Lions
  22. Miami Dolphins
  23. New York Giants
  24. Oakland Raiders
  25. Houston Texans
  26. Seattle Seahawks
  27. Kansas City Chiefs
  28. Dallas Cowboys
  29. Green Bay Packers
  30. Pittsburgh Steelers
  31. Atlanta Falcons
  32. New England Patriots

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