Super Bowl LI: A Tale of Two Halves

-Matt Magill


While New England Patriots fans are dancing in the street, can we all just come together and agree that despite the final score being 34-28, despite the fact that it was the first overtime game in Super Bowl history, despite the fact that the Patriots had to mount an unprecedented comeback to get there, this was a crappy Super Bowl.

The pre-game was atrocious.  Fox seriously gave ten minutes to a story about Colin Kaepernick and all the millionaires protesting this season.  Plus, let’s not forget the Super Bowl red carpet and Cooper Manning.  Yup, the lost Manning brother got a pity job while Fox woos Peyton for a commentating gig.  I understand that six hours is hard to fill…then don’t.  Talking to random “celebrities” and players that aren’t playing in the game is a waste of everyone’s time.  I realize that journalistic integrity is not Fox’s strong suit to begin with, but holy hell, just try to report on something newsworthy or don’t.  Quit trying to fill six hours full of “journalistic” white noise before the biggest game of the year.

On to the game…meh.  This is not just an indictment on the final outcome, either.  The final score looks like this was a good game, but when you realize that half of the score came in one half (Atlanta in the first) and half the score came in the other (New England in the second) then this just turns into two separate shitty games where one team blew the other out.  Would I have been happier if I had been proven correct and the Falcons went on to win yesterday?  Sure.  Would it have made the game any better?  Probably not.  Seeing teams steamroll each other is not my idea of a good game.  The Falcons defense apparently didn’t want to see it either as they went to bed at halftime like many people that got tired of watching Tom Brady get knocked around like a piñata.

Aside from Julio Jones showing what a monster receiver he is (seriously, those sideline catches were some of the best receptions I have ever seen) and Julian Edelman doing his best to exorcise the ghost of David Tyree from the annals of New England lore with his own ridiculous catch in the second half, the game held very little in the way of excitement.  There was no fight as two excellent offenses pummeled two listless defenses, just not in the same half.   This got so bad that as soon as the overtime coin toss cam up in New England’s favor, the Just Average Sports Wife and I knew that the game was going to New England, it was just a matter of time.

So, congrats to New England, congrats to their fans, but this game will not be remembered in the annals of history as a good game, and serves as a fitting cap to a season where interest in the sport started waning to a noticeable degree, and even die-hard fans grew tired of football long before the final whistle blew.


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