Atlanta Falcons Breakdown Day 5: Quarterback

-Matt Magill


Matt Ryan: (2016 Stats)

Starters –

Pos. Name Attempts Completions Yards TD INT Sacks Fumbles
QB Matt Ryan 534 373 4944 38 7 37 2


Matt Ryan is the frontrunner for the MVP for a reason.  While he doesn’t have the history or the longevity of Tom Brady, he has the numbers this year.  Not only did Ryan have a better year than Brady this year, in all Tom’s years at quarterback, he has only eclipsed Ryan’s 4944 yards once (2011) and has only thrown more than Ryan’s 38 touchdowns twice (2007, 2011).  This is Brady vs. Manning all over again.  Sure, Brady won most of those matchups, but when Peyton put it all together, it was impressive to see.  If Matt Ryan can put a winning mentality behind his statistical advantage, Brady may be left out in t he cold in his quest for a fifth ring.

Matt Ryan had his highest passing average in 2016, posting 9.3 yards per completion, to go along with his highest output of yards in his career and most touchdowns he’s thrown (by a significant amount).  Matt Ryan is durable as hell as well.  He has only missed two games in his entire career (in 2009) including playing in all sixteen this season.  No season ending injuries, no suspensions for getting on Roger Gooddell’s bad side, nothing.  Ryan can take a hit and still throw for 4000 yards a season.  No one is debating that Tom Brady is one of the best, if not the best of all time, but I think it’s safe to say that Ryan had the better year and is set to play this way for a long time to come.   Once the chips have fallen at the end of Sunday night, it will be clear that Matt Ryan was the best quarterback this year as he leads his team to the promised land.


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