Super Bowl Coverage: What Impact Does Houston Hosting Super Bowl LI have on The New England Patriots?

January 23, 2017

By Justin Lasher

Today kicks off our two week coverage leading up to Super Bowl LI.  To say everyone here at Just Average Sports Guys is excited, is an understatement.  Everyday we will be providing an unique take on several different topics.  We will have both angles covered.  If you want the Atlanta Falcons angle, you will want to read everything Matt writes.  If you are looking for the New England Patriots perspective, I have you covered.  We really encourage you though, to check out both angles so you are most prepared for the big game.

We begin today by looking at the impact of the venue on both teams.  This year’s Super Bowl is being hosted by the city of Houston.  This is not the first time Houston has held a Super Bowl.  They hosted Super Bowl XXXVIII back on February 1, 2004.  That brings me to my first point of why New England has the advantage with the Super Bowl being held in Houston.  Last time the NFL’s biggest game was in Houston, so were Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, as their Patriots squad edged out the Carolina Panthers.  Super Bowl XXXVIII could be argued as one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time (no, not just because of the infamous “wardrobe malfunction”).  The game MVP in Super Bowl XXXVIII just so happened to be Tom Brady.  Having already won a Super Bowl in Houston, and having your starting quarterback winning Super Bowl MVP in the city in which you are about to play is a clear advantage for the New England Patriots.

Playing in the AFC and having to occasionally play the Houston Texans is also another advantage for the Patriots as they are no strangers to traveling to and playing in Houston.  Tom Brady has played in Houston four times as starting quarterback of the New England Patriots.  To say Brady has had success in Houston is an understatement, as he has gone 3-1 against the Texans, in Houston.  Having a head coach and a quarterback that will feel nothing less than comfortable in Houston, will only benefit the Patriots.

The third reason the venue gives New England an advantage is Bill O’Brien.  O’Brien coached under Bill Belichick and for the New England Patriots from 2007-2011.  Now, O’Brien happens to be the head coach of the host city’s team.  Undoubtedly, Belichick will reach out to O’Brien to discover every secret there is to playing in Houston’s NRG Stadium.  Having a resource like O’Brien in your corner, will only give Belichick more power in game planning and preparation.

It should be clear by now, that playing Super Bowl LI in Houston is a clear advantage for your New England Patriots.  As if Tom Brady & Bill Belichick need any more advantages.


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