You Have Spoken

You Have Spoken

-Justin Lasher

Each week, we put out several poll questions, both on our Twitter page and our Facebook page, to gauge the pulse of you, our audience.  In this space, we review the results of the previous week’s poll questions, giving you an opportunity to see what you, and the rest of our audience had to say on the previous week’s topics.  Check out this week’s results below.  Thanks to everyone who voted in last week’s questions.  Make sure to get your voice heard this week by voting your opinion.

“Are the Dallas Cowboys the best team in the NFL?”

    Yes 70%, No 30%

Finishing with the best record in the league and earning the #1 seed in the NFC, it is very difficult to disagree with you that the Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFL.  The question now is, can they win in the postseason?

“Which backup turned starting QB is most able to get a playoff win?”

Matt McGloin 27%, Tom Savage 0%, Matt Moore 73%

It’s almost like you guys knew that Tom Savage would sustain a concussion and be out this week for Houston as Savage received 0% votes.  I agree with your vote that Matt Moore is most likely to win a playoff game.

“With Rex gone in Buffalo, do the Bills move on from Tyrod Taylor after this year?”

Yes 42%, No 58%

While I understand that Taylor’s week 17 benching was more of a financial decision for the Bills, I do have to disagree here and say that the Bills move on from Taylor and prevent themselves from having to pay any real amount of money to have Tyrod as their franchise quarterback.

“Who is your NFL Rookie of the Year?”

    Ezekiel Elliott 38%, Dak Prescott 62%

I will be honest, I thought the majority would vote for the league’s leading rusher here.

“Ok baseball fans, what are your thoughts?  Do Clemens or Bonds get into Cooperstown this year?”

Yes 100%, No 0%

This was possibly the toughest poll question of the week I thought.  With preliminary voting results coming in and both Clemens and Bonds receiving approximately 70% of votes (75% is minimum to get into the Hall) I can’t disagree with your vote that they get in, but I will disagree that either one gets in this year.  As more of the votes come in and are calculated, I do expect the 70% to drop significantly for both Clemens and Bonds.

“What is the best open NFL coaching job?”

Los Angeles Rams 25%, Jacksonville Jaguars 50%, Buffalo Bills 25%

While I personally believe that there are distinct positives to each of these three openings, I have to say that Los Angeles is, in my opinion, the best available opening, of these three choices.

“Which program who changed coaches has the most immediate success?”

    Baylor Bears 8%, Houston Cougars 85%, Texas Longhorns 6%

No surprise here that the Houston Cougars fans came out in abundance to vote and support their football team.  I do agree with you Cougar fans, that Houston will have the most immediate success as a program.

“Who will win tonight’s Capital One Orange Bowl?”

Michigan 7%, Florida State 93%

You were right on with your vote here as Florida State fairly easily dismissed Michigan in this game.  I also picked Florida State in this one, so we were in agreement here.



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