NFL Week 17 Preview

NFL Week Seventeen Preview:

-Matt Magill

Games You Need to Pay Attention to:

Carolina at Tampa Bay – Sunday at 1

The Stakes: A Tampa Bay win would at least keep them in the running for the sixth seed in the NFC.

New England at Miami – Sunday at 1

The Stakes:  With a New England win, the Patriots wrap up the #1 seed in the AFC.

New Orleans at Atlanta – Sunday at 425

The Stakes:  An Atlanta win will secure the #2 seed and a first round bye for the Falcons.

New York Giants at Washington – Sunday at 425

The Stakes: The Redskins need to win to get into the playoffs.  The Giants have the #5 seed locked up.

Oakland at Denver – Sunday at 425

The Stakes: An Oakland loss means that the Raiders will not have the #1 seed in the AFC.  An Oakland loss and a Kansas City win means the Raiders drop from #2 to #5 in the AFC.

Kansas City at San Diego – Sunday at 425

The Stakes: A Kansas City win coupled with an Oakland loss gives Kansas City the West and the #2 seed.

Seattle at San Francisco – Sunday at 425

The Stakes: Seattle needs to win to keep the slim chance they get a first round bye alive.  The Seahawks could be anywhere from a #2 to a #4 seed by the end of the day on Sunday.

Green Bay at Detroit – Sunday at 830

The Stakes: Here’s the big one, the game of the week, for all the marbles.  If the Packers win, they win the North, and depending how the teams above fare, could be a #3 or #4 seed.  If the Packers lose, they could still get in as long as the Redskins and Bucs lose.

If the Lions win, they win the North and will be either the #3 or #4 seed. If the Lions lose, they will need a Washington loss earlier in the day to make the playoffs as a #6 seed.  At least by the time this game kicks off, each team will know where they stand.


It’s Okay if Your New Year’s Day Hangover Causes You to Black Out for These Games:

Baltimore at Cincinnati – Sunday at 1.

Storyline:  Is this Marvin Lewis’ final game as the Bengals’ head coach?

Houston at Tennessee – Sunday at 1.

Storyline: Last week’s win wasn’t pretty, but it wrapped up the South for Houston.  Can Tom Savage get a little extra seasoning and experience against a dejected Titans team that is starting Matt Cassel at quarterback?

Jacksonville at Indianapolis – Sunday at 1.

Storyline: At the beginning of the year, this was thought to be the game that determined the AFC North champ.  Now it’s just a footnote between two teams in flux.  Is this the last stand for Blake Bortles?  Is Chuck Pagano coaching his last game in Indy?

Chicago at Minnesota – Sunday at 1.

Storyline:  Chicago is looking to build on this season, while Minnesota just wants it to be over.

Buffalo at New York Jets – Sunday at 1.

Storyline: Are either of these quarterbacks going to be on their respective teams come the start of training camp next year?

Dallas at Philadelphia – Sunday at 1.

Storyline: Can Philly finish the season with two straight wins to build on for next season?  Who sits for a Cowboys team that has had everything locked up for two weeks?

Cleveland at Pittsburgh – Sunday at 1.

Storyline:  With some of the Steelers vets sitting, can the Browns eke out another win?

Arizona at Los Angeles – Sunday at 425.

Storyline:  Both teams just want this season to be over.


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