Week 15 NFL Pick Results

By Justin Lasher

It’s time to see how we did with our week fourteen picks.  Check out the chart below for a game by game summary and then below for a recap of each Average Sports Guy’s week.

Season Records: Justin: 119-103-2 Matt: 137-85-2 Dan: 139-83-2
Week 15 Justin Matt Dan
LA Rams at Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
Miami at NY Jets NY Jets Miami Miami
Green Bay at Chicago Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay
Jacksonville at Houston Houston Houston Houston
Cleveland at Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Philadelphia at Baltimore Philadelphia Baltimore Baltimore
Tennessee at Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City
Detroit at NY Giants Detroit Detroit Giants
Indianapolis at Minnesota Indianapolis Minnesota Minnesota
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
New Orleans at Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona
San Francisco at Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta
New England at Denver New England New England New England
Oakland at San Diego Oakland Oakland Oakland
Tampa Bay at Dallas Tampa Bay Dallas Dallas
Carolina at Washington Carolina Washington Washington
10-6 11-5 12-4

There were a season high ten games in week 15, in which all three Just Average Sports Guys agreed on their picks.  How did we do with these games this week?  We had a successful week with a 8 win and 2 loss week in picks that all three of us agreed on.  Our only two blemishes were Kansas City (by a point) and Arizona.

I was able to stretch my winning streak to five straight weeks where I’ve had a winning record with my weekly picks.  Even with this, I’m still not close on capturing second place, and am coming to grips with finishing in last place.  While my goal is not finishing in last, it is becoming more clear that that is probably where I will be.  As mentioned in our Week 15 Picks column, I picked five games differently than both Matt and Dan.  I went a humbling 2-3 in these games, with sincere gratitude going out to Indianapolis and Carolina for making me look good.

Matt has another game put between him and Dan as he went 11-5 overall to Dan going 12-4.  There were no games this week that Matt picked differently than Justin and Dan.  With two weeks remaining, Matt has two games to make up to claim the title for Just Average Sports Guys best picker.

While Dan didn’t have a perfect week in his picks, he did have the best week among the three of us going 12-4.  There was only one game in week 15 where Dan was the only Sports Guy to select the one team.  The Giants proved Dan right as Matt and I each had the Lions winning that one.


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