You Have Spoken

You Have Spoken

-Justin Lasher

Each week, we put out several poll questions, both on our Twitter page and our Facebook page, to gauge the pulse of you, our audience.  In this space, we review the results of the previous week’s poll questions, giving you an opportunity to see what you, and the rest of our audience had to say on the previous week’s topics.  Check out this week’s results below.  Thanks to everyone who voted in last week’s questions.  Make sure to get your voice heard this week by voting your opinion.

“What was the most surprising stat from yesterday??”

    Le’Veon Bell 236 yards 38%, Russell Wilson 5 INT 62%, Drew Brees 3 INT %

Right out of the gates last week, you surprised us by voting overwhelmingly that Wilson’s 5 INT’s were the most surprising thing to come out of week 14.  We thought for sure the vote would have went to Bell’s dominance over the Bills.

“Who wins the #1 seed in the NFC?”

Dallas Cowboys 38%, Detroit Lions 25%, New York Giants 38%, Other %

No surprise here especially with Dallas coming off the loss to the Giants when this question was asked.  After week 15 though, and only two weeks left, does your vote change?

“Who is winning the #1 seed in the AFC?”

New England Patriots 30%, Kansas City Chiefs 40%, Oakland Raiders 30%, Other 0%

The Patriots remain in control of the #1 seed, the Chiefs have since lost, and the Raiders are right there.  This will clearly come down to the wire, but we thought that most of you would vote in favor of the Patriots.

“In a big game for both teams, who do you have winning tonight?”

    Baltimore 58%, New England 42%

We thought this would be a close vote, but we didn’t see Baltimore getting the majority of the votes.

“Is Tom Brady the best quarterback we’ve ever seen?”

Yes 100%, No 0%

This is a question that I am always being asked, especially the more Brady wins, as I traditionally have not been a fan of Brady, and have generally thought his success has been in large part due to the system he’s in.  My viewpoint on this is changing as of late though.

“Winners of 9 of 10 and 7 straight, they’re 4th in the West.  Are the Rockets for real?”

Yes 40%, No 60%

This one was a big shocker in that 3 out of 5 of you feel the Rockets are only pretenders.  As of today, the Rockets are now winners of 10 straight and sitting in 3rd in the Western Conference.

“Who is your NFL MVP right now?”

    Tom Brady 56%, Matt Ryan 9%, Zeke Elliott 15%, Le’Veon Bell 20%

We weren’t surprised that the majority of you felt Brady would win the MVP right now, but we were surprised that Le’Veon Bell didn’t receive more love, especially coming off his big game against Buffalo.

“Tonight’s Rams at Seahawks game is…?”

An Exciting game 20%, a blowout for Seattle 40%, another #TNF NFL blunder 40%

It was very clear what you thought about this game.  You thought Seattle would win decisively and that this game was another Thursday night failure from the NFL.  The question now is, do you feel the same about TNF as Richard Sherman?

“Who has the bigger game tonight?”

Todd Gurley 0%, Thomas Rawls 100%

In this one, either running back showed up.  I would have picked Gurley, but that is solely based on him being on my fantasy team.  Gurley finished with 38 yards rushing, while Rawls had 34 rushing yards.

“Who is going to win tonight’s game?”

Los Angeles Rams 37%, Seattle Seahawks 63%

This was no surprise for us and it was nothing shocking that Seattle went out and took care of business against the struggling Rams team.

“Which team has the best shot of overtaking Dallas for the #1 seed in the NFC?”

Seattle 50%, New York Giants 0%, Detroit Lions 50%

Having the week 15 results in hand now, I wonder if this vote changes at all for any of you.

“Was Richard Sherman right in calling out Pete Carroll on throwing it from the 1?”

    Yes 43%, No 57%

The fact that 43% of you felt Richard Sherman had the right to call out his head coach surprised me a bit.  I thought we’d definitely see some of you vote that way, but not that many.

“What is the best 1:00 game?”

    Titans at Chiefs 20%, Lions at Giants 58%, Colts at Vikings 9%, Steelers at Bengals 13%

On paper the Lions/Giants game should have been the best game, but in my opinion, the Titans/Chiefs game wound up being the best game played.

“What is the best 4:00 game?”

Saints at Cardinals 15%, Patriots at Broncos 60%, Raiders at Chargers 25%

We agreed with the majority of you that the Patriots/Broncos game would be the best game.  If the Broncos offense could score, we may have seen the best game.  We don’t blame the Denver defense for being upset.


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