NFL Week 14 Rewind 

​NFL Week Fourteen: They Finally Fired Floundering Fisher

-Matt Magill 

This was not about a shellacking by one of the best offenses in the league (though this week’s 42-14 loss to a Julio Jones-less Atlanta team did not help), this is about a coach that lost his team months, if not years ago and has been hanging on ever since.  When you have legends calling you out (though, to be fair, Dickerson came off sounding like a baby with hurt pride more than anything) and current players calling out the coaching (Gurley’s post-game rant about the high-school style of offense) it’s only a matter of time.  Fisher did not do enough in the time he was there to warrant anymore second chances.  He oversaw one of the best draft steals (trading away the #2 pick to Washington for a king’s ransom) and did nothing with it, then turned around and picked Jared Goff this year with the #1 pick even though he was less ready than RGIII was when he came in.  I honestly don’t know if Fisher has seen his last head coaching job in the NFL, but this leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth that feels like it’s going to linger.

My Observations:

Kansas City may just be your sleeper Superbowl team out of the AFC.  It doesn’t matter who they play, they are never scared of the moment.  Plus, they finally have playmakers!  Tyreek Hill is ridiculous as both a returner and a receiver.  Travis Kelce and Jeremy Maclin are both known commodities and not to be trifled with, and Spencer Ware is ready for the spotlight.  Alex Smith is the top end of the game-manager spectrum and that defense is special.  The Raiders are where the Chiefs were a couple years ago.  Good, but young.  They may need a little seasoning before they can rock the boat. 

Buffalo just can’t not be a laughingstock.  When your defensive-minded coach oversees a group that gives up nearly 300 yards to one player it may be time for a change.  Pittsburgh has resumed its mantle as one of the most dangerous teams in football.

In a hard to watch game, the Redskins beat the Eagles to keep their playoff hopes alive.  The Eagles are just trying to figure out how to win.

The Dolphins kept their playoff aspirations alive as well, though they will have to navigate possibly the rest of the regular season with Matt Moore at the helm.  Arizona gave just enough fight to convince us that they aren’t tanking, then gave it up in the fourth quarter on the last play of the game.  If Carson Palmer doesn’t retire at the end of the season he should be jailed for stealing money from the Cardinals.

In a game between two teams playing for nothing, the Panthers showed up and gave their home fans something to cheer about against the Chargers.  The injury bug that hit the Chargers early in the season has decided to rear its head again as Joey Bosa and Melvin Gordon both left the game, which could have affected the outcome, but these are the Chargers, so who knows.

Another fourth quarter comeback for the Lions as Matt Stafford continues to plead his case for MVP consideration.  The Lions have won five in a row, while the Bears are just waiting until free agency to maybe get a quarterback.

Every time I count the Texans out, they win one.  This week was no different.  The Colts need to stop pretending they are contenders, despite their horrible division.  

It looked like the Jaguars might steal one from the Vikings, but that all came crashing down as there was no garbage time for Bortles to put up big numbers.  Three more games and we get to see a new Jaguars regime!

The Bucs, winners of five straight, are playing high quality football when it counts.  Can this young team make some noise in the playoffs?  Anything is possible.  Should Dirk Koetter be up for coach of the year at this point?

Which Seahawks team will we see come playoff time?  If you live in the pacific northwest, you’re hoping that the team that got trounced by the Packers on Sunday stays home and sends their counterparts that know how to play football.

New England continued to roll despite a second half challenge by Baltimore.  The best defense in the league gave up 30 points to Tom Brady and his rolodex of receivers.  That can’t happen.  With how the Steelers are playing right now, Baltimore had better circle the wagons.

Oh yeah, the Bengals beat the Browns…but so has everyone else.

The Jets played the 49ers, and none of us won.

Rising like a Viagra binge:

It may still be too little too late, but if the Packers get in, watch out.  It doesn’t matter what their seed is, if they are in the playoffs come the end of the year, they will make the Superbowl out of the NFC.  I don’t see any team coming out of that side of the “bracket” that they have to worry about.

Sinking faster than the Titanic:

The Broncos are in danger of missing the playoffs after letting an (albeit well rested) Titans team score thirteen unanswered points on them.  Trevor Siemian threw for over 300 yards, but it didn’t matter as his Blake Bortles impression was spot on.  The Broncos finish with a killer schedule and could find themselves on the outside looking in come January. 

Coaches on the hot seat:

Okay, lists are easier, let’s go to a list:

Fisher – Rams – 100% gone 

Bradley – Jaguars – 99% gone

Pagano – Colts – 90% gone

Lewis – Bengals – 80% gone

McCoy – Chargers – 50% gone 

Ryan – Bills – 33% gone

Bowles – Jets– 25% gone

Rivera – Panthers – 10% gone

McCarthy – Packers – 10% gone

Pederson – Eagles – 10% gone

Kelly – 49ers – 10% gone

A quick word on the Cowboys:

I’m an unabashed Cowboys fan, have been since my youth and the time of the “triplets”.  So I would like to say something about the worst-run team in the NFL this side of Cleveland.

When you play with no fire and no passion on offense, 

When your best play call all night is the one that gets you a touchdown,  

When you have Brandon Goddamn Carr as your cornerback,

When you sleepwalk through what should have been the biggest game of the season,

When your mediocre defense outplays your offense,

When your rookie quarterback hits a wall and you just keep letting him run into said wall,

You don’t deserve to win.

Dallas was outplayed by the ghost of Eli Manning and outcoached by a Ben Freaking Mcadoo in his first season.  This is what I expected to happen throughout the season.  All the good feelings from an eleven game winning streak are starting to melt away as I see a team with no heart.  I see Dez half-assing it on his routes because he’s not the main target.  I see an offensive line that has held up just fine in the past get turned into turnstiles.  I see a usually poised quarterback look like a deer on the highway and make some of the dumbest decisions of his young career.  I see a team that cannot get out of their own way in regards to dumb penalties at the most inopportune times finally unable to overcome those miscues.

I see the real Dallas Cowboys.

This is not a Superbowl team.  Honestly, many of you are calling for Romo, but he is not the answer.  This team has no heart.  You can do things the “right way” all day long, as their head coach preaches, but come gametime you need to perform, and these Cowboys have not.


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