You Have Spoken

You Have Spoken

-Justin Lasher

Each week, we put out several poll questions, both on our Twitter page and our Facebook page, to gauge the pulse of you, our audience.  In this space, we review the results of the previous week’s poll questions, giving you an opportunity to see what you, and the rest of our audience had to say on the previous week’s topics.  Check out this week’s results below.  Thanks to everyone who voted in last week’s questions.  Make sure to get your voice heard this week by voting your opinion.

“Which team had the biggest win yesterday?”

    Detroit 6%, Kansas City 28%, Baltimore 33%, Tampa Bay 33%

On NFL Sunday in week 13 all of you felt that both Baltimore and Tampa Bay had the biggest wins.  Tampa Bay followed that up this week and beat New Orleans.  Can Baltimore do the same tonight against New England?

“Which team has the best chance of earning an AFC Wild Card spot?”

Kansas City 25%, Denver 0%, Miami 25%, Pittsburgh 50%

Your overwhelming response was Pittsburgh.  As of now, the Steelers actually are the AFC North leaders (Baltimore plays tonight).  Kansas City is the leader in the AFC West, so that leaves us Denver and Miami of actual AFC Wild Card contenders.  Boy how things change in one short week.

“Which team has the best chance of earning a NFC Wild Card spot?”

NY Giants 30%, Tampa Bay 10%, Washington 60%, Minnesota 0%

As of now, the Giants and the Buccaneers are the NFC Wild Card winners, but as of last Monday you felt strongly that the Redskins will be a NFC Wild Card Winner.  We still have 3 weeks to find out if you are correct here.

“Should have Steve Kerr allowed Klay Thompson to play the 4th quarter to go after Kobe’s 81?”

    Yes 73%, No 27%

We are in agreement here that yes, Kerr should have allowed Thompson to continue playing to see just how many he would have scored.

“Knicks fans, your team is 12-9 and winners of 4 straight.  How are you feeling about this team??”

On cloud 9 0%, Cautiously optimistic 100%, Numb from all the losing 0%

Being a Knicks fan myself, I agree with you guys that we are to be cautiously optimistic with this team.  They continued to play well last week, so our optimism can exist for another week.

“With reports of Houston Football hiring Lane Kiffin, is this a good hire?”

Yes 65%, No 35%

Regardless of the vote here, we, like many jumped on the band wagon that Kiffin was going to Houston.  We found out today that his landing spot will actually be Florida Atlantic, as their next head coach.

“Who is the best College Football hire?”

    Willie Taggart to Oregon 10%, Matt Rhule to Baylor 76%, Lane Kiffin to Houston 14%

As we mentioned above, Kiffin wasn’t the hire for Houston, however the vote wouldn’t have changed as you spoke very clearly that Matt Rhule is the best college football hire in his going to Baylor.

“Yankee fans, do you like the additions of Matt Holliday & Aroldis Chapman?”

Yes 85%, No 15%

In a vote that wasn’t even close, you said yes, you like the additions of Holliday and Chapman for the Yankees.  Dan and I disagree here.  I am not as high on these additions.  I feel they overpaid for Chapman, and got Holliday about 4 years too late.

“Who’s winning tonight?”

Oakland Raiders 57%, Kansas City Chiefs 43%

In the Thursday Night Football game, I felt, like you that the Raiders would come out on top.  We both were wrong as Kansas City took care of business in this one.  So the minority, and Matt proved us wrong here.

“Who gets their Just Average Sports Guy off to the best start in the first round of the playoffs tonight?”

Latavius Murray 0%, Spencer Ware 50%, Amari Cooper 50%

This was a personal favorite question of mine this week.  I thought Murray would receive some love from you guys, but you guys felt that Ware and Cooper would equally have good nights.  The correct answer actually was Murray, who had the best night of the three and got Matt out to an early lead in his fantasy matchup.

“After last night’s game, who is the favorite to win the AFC West?”

Kansas City 67%, Oakland 7%, Denver 26%

In a surprising vote to me, you felt the one game against Kansas City put Oakland from first to last in having the best chance at winning the AFC West.

“With the NFL going to 4 London games, which city would be the best fit for expansion?”

    London 70%, Mexico City 15%, Toronto 15%

Please go and read Matt’s column today about the debate of NFL expansion and what city would be the best fit.

“Who do you have winning the Army/Navy Game?”

    Army 43%, Navy 57%

Army dominated this game on the ground and proved the majority vote to be wrong here.

“Who is winning the Heisman Trophy tonight?”

Lamar Jackson 47%, Deshaun Watson 24%, Jabrill Peppers 24%, Baker Mayfield 5%

Almost half of you who voted here, thought that Lamar Jackson would win and sure enough, he was the winner of the 2016 Heisman Trophy (red sport jacket and all).

“What is the best 1:00 game in week 14?”

Redskins at Eagles 33%, Broncos at Titans 15%, Steelers at Bills 41%, Chargers at Panthers 11%

Three of these four games were all decent games, being decided by one score or less, except the Chargers/Panthers game.

“What is the best 4:00 game on the slate today?”

    Falcons at Rams 33%, Saints at Buccaneers 11%, Seahawks at Packers 56%

While the Seahawks at Packers had the biggest names, Russell Wilson throwing 5 INT’s didn’t help the quality of this game.  By score, the Saints at Buccaneers game was the best of the 4:00 games.

“Was the Giants win due to…..”

Lack of Cowboys offense 43%, Great Giants defense 49%, All Odell Beckham Jr 8%

This was a gut reaction question, having been posted right after the Giants win over the Cowboys.  


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