Week 14 NFL Picks

By Justin Lasher

Please see our picks for week 14 this week.  As always, we invite you to share with us your picks, thoughts, and anything else NFL week 14 related.

Season Records: Justin: 98-92-2 Matt: 115-75-2 Dan: 119-71-2
Week 14 Justin Matt Dan
Oakland at Kansas City Oakland Kansas City Oakland
Pittsburgh at Buffalo Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Denver at Tennessee Denver Tennessee Denver
Washington at Philadelphia Washington Washington Washington
Arizona at Miami Arizona Miami Arizona
San Diego at Carolina Carolina San Diego San Diego
Cincinnati at Cleveland Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati
Chicago at Detroit Chicago Detroit Detroit
Houston at Indianapolis Houston Indy Indianapolis
Minnesota at Jacksonville Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota
NY Jets at San Francisco NY Jets NY Jets New York Jets
New Orleans at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay New Orleans
Atlanta at LA Rams Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta
Seattle at Green Bay Green Bay Seattle Seattle
Dallas at NY Giants Dallas Dallas Dallas
Baltimore at New England New England Baltimore New England

There are seven games this week in which all three Just Average Sports Guys agree on.  It’s always intriguing to see how we will do in these games.  Some weeks we are great, and other weeks, no so much.  Dan and Justin started their week 14 off with a loss, while Matt correctly chose Kansas City as the Thursday Night Football winner.  Teams this week that you’ll catch all of us cheering together for are Pittsburgh, Washington, Cincinnati, Minnesota, NY Jets, Atlanta, and Dallas.  We also all have the Browns winning a game……oh wait, no we don’t, carry on.

I had a winning record last week and still above .500 on the year, however I lost a game on Dan and two games on Matt.  Can I continue my winning ways and make it 4 straight weeks with a winning record?  I picked four games differently than both Matt and Dan this week.  In order for me to continue to win, I am banking on wins from Carolina, Chicago, Houston, and Green Bay.

Matt did not succeed in taking over the top spot again last week, but he did gain a game back and is now only four games back of Dan.  With the number of weeks left getting smaller, Matt is hoping for continued success.  Four games this week Matt went in his own direction.  Matt is cashing in that Kansas City (won last night), Tennessee, Miami, and Baltimore will all be winners this week.

Dan continues to sit atop the leader board for his season picks, but as we mentioned, Matt inched a bit closer after week 13.  Will Dan have a stellar week 14 and crush Matt’s hopes and dreams?  Like last week, Dan only had one game in which he was on his own this week.  Dan was the only Average Sports Guy to select New Orleans as a winner this week.  Matt and I are questioning how much this pick has to do with Dan liking the Saints to actually win or the fact that Dan has Drew Brees as his starting quarterback in our fantasy football league.

Agree with us?  Disagree?  Please let us know either way as we love your feedback.  You can visit our website at http://www.justaveragesportsguys.wordpress.com or reach us on Twitter at @avergsportsguys or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/justaveragesportsguys.


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