NFL Week 13 Pick Results

By Justin Lasher

It’s time to see how we did with our week thirteen picks.  Check out the chart below for a game by game summary and then below for a recap of each Average Sports Guy’s week.

Season Records:     Justin: 98-92-2     Matt: 115-75-2     Dan: 119-71-2

Week 13 Justin Matt Dan
Dallas at Minnesota Dallas Dallas Dallas
Kansas City at Atlanta Kansas City Atlanta Atlanta
Detroit at New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans
LA Rams at New England New England New England New England
Denver at Jacksonville Denver Denver Denver
Houston at Green Bay Houston Green Bay Green Bay
Philadelphia at Cincinnati Cincinnati Philadelphia Philadelphia
Miami at Baltimore Miami Baltimore Baltimore
San Francisco at Chicago San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco
Buffalo at Oakland Oakland Oakland Buffalo
NY Gaints at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Washington at Arizona Washington Washington Washington
Tampa Bay at San Diego Tampa Bay San Diego Tampa Bay
Carolina at Seattle Carolina Seattle Seattle
Indianapolis at NY Jets NY Jets Indianapolis Indianapolis
8-7 10-5 9-6

There were six games this week in which all three Just Average Sports Guys agreed on.  In those games, we had a record of 4-2.

The good news for me is that I am still above .500 on the year.  The bad news was with a weekly record of 8-7, I was last among the three Just Average Sports Guys, losing yet more ground on my quest from last to first. In the six games that I picked differently than both Matt and Dan, I went 2-4.  In order for me to continue to win, I will to improve on my rogue picks.

Matt bounced back this week and gained a game on Dan in their race for first. There was only one game where Matt went rogue this week and thanks to San Diego he sent 0-1.

Dan did lose a game in his season lead, however still has a 4 game margin. Like Matt, Dan only had one game in which he was on his own this week, and Buffalo couldn’t pull through for him.

How did you do in week 13 with your picks? Let us know.


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