You Have Spoken

You Have Spoken

-Justin Lasher

Each week, we put out several poll questions, both on our Twitter page and our Facebook page, to gauge the pulse of you, our audience.  In this space, we review the results of the previous week’s poll questions, giving you an opportunity to see what you, and the rest of our audience had to say on the previous week’s topics.  Check out this week’s results below.  Thanks to everyone who voted in last week’s questions.  Make sure to get your voice heard this week by voting your opinion.

“Which team is the biggest surprise of the NFL season?”

    Oakland 33%, Dallas 40%, NY Giants 0%, Miami 27%

After week 12, you felt Dallas was the biggest surprise.  Does their near loss to the Vikings in week 13 change your mind at all?

“After Week 13, who is the leader to win the 2016 Heisman Trophy?”

Lamar Jackson 26%, Deshaun Watson 42%, Jabrill Peppers 16%, Baker Mayfield 16%

You definitely surprised us with your votes here.  We thought you’d like most of the country vote Lamar Jackson as your Heisman favorite.  Overwhelmingly, you chose Deshaun Watson as your Heisman leader.  We will have to wait to see if you are correct.

“Who is NBA MVP thus far?”

Russell Westbrook 71%, LeBron James 0%, James Harden 29%, Other 0%

No surprise here, as you, like us, believe Russell Westbrook is the MVP so far this season.  As of today, he has only had 5 straight triple doubles.  Absolutely unbelievable.

“With a crucial win last night, can the Packers come back and win the NFC North”

    Yes 83%, No 17%

We’re not so sure we agree with your confidence in the Packers to win the NFC North.  Detroit won again in week 13 and look tough for Green Bay to overtake.

“Which NFL head coach is most likely to get fired on Black Monday?”

Chuck Pagano 0%, Marvin Lewis 100%, Mike McCoy 0%, Ron Rivera 0%

While any of these coaches are good candidates to be fired, it is clear that you believe Marvin Lewis is gone.  Does Cincinnati’s win this week and Carolina’s loss change that at all?

“Did Yoenis Cespedes leave a bunch of money on the table by resigning with the Mets?”

Yes 67%, No 33%

With MLB hot stove heating up, we sprinkled some baseball love in here.  You, like us, agree that Cespedes may have given the Mets a hometown discount so to speak.

“Do Wisconsin or Penn State get into the college football playoff if they win the Big 10 title?”

    Yes 50%, No 50%

We now know the answer to this question.  Those that voted no were correct as Penn State was left out of the Final Four of college football.

“Would Carlos Gomez make sense for the Blue Jays?”

Yes 91%, No 9%

We expected this vote to be somewhat closer, but you spoke and think that Gomez would be a good fit for the Blue Jays.

“Is Russell Westbrook the best player in the NBA right now?

Yes 78%, No 22%

Is this one even up for discussion right now?  Westbrook is on fire!

“Mike Zimmer’s absence in tonight’s game has what impact on the game?”

None 14%, Noticeable but minimal 41%, huge result changing 45%

It’s hard to know if Zimmer was there if the Vikings would have won the game, but you felt that Zimmer not being present would be a huge result changing difference.

“Do you like that the MLB All Star Gam3e will no longer decide home field advantage for the World Series?”

Yes 57%, No 43%

This was another area of surprise for us.  We thought the majority of people disliked the All Star Game rule.  With how close your vote was, you told us otherwise.

“If Washington Huskies win the Pac-12 Championship tonight, do you think they get into the CFB Playoff?”

    Yes 50%, No 50%

We now know that yes, the Huskies do get into the Final Four by winning the Pac-12 Championship Game.

“Tiger Woods shooting a 7 under 65 today tells what?”

    Absolutely nothing 0%, He’s back 29%, nice round show me more 71%

You were in agreement with us, that although Tiger played well in the second round, it is far too early to draw any significant conclusions from it and we must see more.

“Who wins tonight’s MAC Championship game?”

Western Michigan 0%, Ohio 0%

There was no love for the MAC Championship Game as nobody voted in this poll.

“Who wins tonight’s Pac-12 Championship game?”

Washington 78%, Colorado 22%

We, like you, also liked Washington to win this game.  


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