Beltran Switching Texas Teams

Carlos Beltran

By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA (Carlos Beltran) via Wikimedia Commons

The Houston Astros gained another veteran bat in the form of Carlos Beltran on a one year $16 million dollar contact per reports. This likely fills the Astros offensive upgrades and pulls them out of the Edwin Encarnacion sweepstakes. That leaves the Yankees as the common name mentioned for him, but it is hard to believe the Yankees will commit to the years needed. This will likely start a lot of deals coming out of the winter meetings this week as they start Sunday. Look for players like Mark Trumbo and Mike Napoli to get more talk as they are also short term options for teams that lost out to Beltran.

Beltran adds to a log jam of outfielders it seems for Houston. He Likely will share time at DH with Evan Gattis and Brian McCann as they share catching duty as well. Perhaps this lets them swing a deal for Chris Sale by including Springer?  If Houston could swing a deal for Sale, even if they need to give up a package revolving around Springer, they instantly become the favorites in the American league. That is my opinion, what’s yours?

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