NFL Week 13 Preview

By Matt Magill

Game of the Week:

Kansas City at Atlanta – Sunday at 1. Two teams that are flying pretty high right now meet up in our game of the week.  Can Kansas City’s defense stop the multi-tiered attack of the Falcons?  Can their offense keep up, if their defense falters?  It should be fun to watch either way.


Time to do Yardwork Game of the Week:

San Francisco at Chicago – Sunday at 1. This week is full of games that are either between two bad teams, or a good team playing a bad team.  Of all the bad team versus bad team games, this one has to take the cake.  At this point, even the fans of these two teams just want the season to be over.  I feel bad for anyone that is forced to watch this game because no other game is on their television at this time.


Storylines for the Week:

The Vikings went from a Superbowl favorite to an afterthought. Can they redeem their season by beating a Dallas team that’s flying as high as anyone right now?  When will that rookie wall hit the Cowboys like a Mack truck?  This is probably the best overall defense the Cowboys have faced to this point, but will it matter considering what they did to Baltimore two weeks ago?

Detroit has been playing well as of late, but will they be looking over their shoulders at the Packers considering the show Aaron Rodgers put on against the Eagles? If they do that, New Orleans can and will bite them, without a doubt.  Brees is dangerous under normal circumstances, give him the opportunity to make the playoffs, and that guy is an assassin.

Luckily, after a tough game against the Jets last week, the Patriots get to rest up with a game against another NFC West opponent in Los Angeles. The Jeff Fisher countdown clock continues to tick.

There’s nothing like a visit to Jacksonville to cure the agony of defeat from the previous week. Week twelve’s lucky recipient, the Denver Broncos.

In order to stay in the playoff hunt, it’s imperative that the Texans win this week and avoid giving a gift to Tennessee on their bye week. Unfortunately they are playing the Packers, who picked apart a pretty good Eagles defense last week.  Just think of this as another opportunity for Osweiller to prove to his bosses why they spent so much money on him…oh yeah, nevermind.

Philly gets a Cincinnati team that has checked out this week. What a great way to pad their record to ensure they don’t get a high draft pick.  I’m sure the Browns will be cheering for the Bengals this week (they have Philly’s first round pick).

In what could turn out to be a pretty good game, the resurgent Ravens take on the surprisingly decent Dolphins. Both are trying to make sure they stay in the playoffs at this point, but have no margin for error, and may be one of the hardest games to pick this week.

Buffalo has to travel to Oakland just to try and keep their playoff hopes alive. Good luck with that.

Can Pittsburgh stay in the playoff race by beating the Giants, or does Big Blue’s win streak continue? Does Eli have what it takes to get into a shootout with Big Ben and the Pittsburgh offense?

Arizona is an afterthought this year, and Washington needs to win to stay in the playoff race and wipe the taste of last week’s defeat from their mouth. Is there any way Washington doesn’t win this game?

Tampa and San Diego are both sneaky good this year and two teams no one wants to play. What happens when they go head to head?

The Carolina/Seattle Matchup looked great on paper before the season started. Then Carolina started playing like they read their own press clippings.  Seattle needs to win to make sure they are still in the race for the one seed in the NFC after last week’s shocker.  If Cam is worried about getting beat up, he’d better just go out on the field and lay down against Seattle’s defense.

The Jets and the Colts, huh? I guess we don’t really need to watch the Monday night game this week, do we?


Cleveland is 0-12. Their remaining games are:


@ Buffalo

San Diego

@ Pittsburgh

Do you see a win in there at all? I sure don’t.  In fact, this might be their best week of the season because they don’t have to play a game.



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