Thoughts on Cespedes deal.

Yoenis Cespedes takes batting practice on #WSMediaDay.

By Arturo Pardavila III from Hoboken, NJ, USA (Yoenis Cespedes takes BP on #WSMediaDay, via Wikimedia Commons

Reported 4 year 110 million dollar deal.

That is $27.5 Million a year, more than any other position player not named Miguel Cabrera. So, it is not like Cespedes took a cheap deal but it is hard to imagine he could not have pushed his luck and gotten 5 years from another team. Perhaps this is a sign that a level of maturity has happened in him that we don’t typically associate with Cespedes. He seems to have taken a form of a hometown discount with only four years despite the large annual salary. Does this means he has found a home he likes and wants to play for in New York? His no trade clause could point to that, but it could simply be that he wants to control his destiny. With David Wright drifting in talent with age and injury, Cespedes seems to be the offensive face of the franchise along with Noah Syndergaard as the Ace. All in all, Mets fans need to be happy their ownership spent money, the only problem is they need to spend more to keep up in the NL.


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