NFL Week 9 Rewind

​NFL Week Nine: Well, that was fun, Minnesota…

By Matt Magill 

After five weeks of bliss, the honeymoon in Minnesota is over.  The Vikings have dropped three straight games, Norv Turner has called it quits (which I guess just follows suit since everyone else involved with the Vikings offense called it quits two weeks ago).  Mike Zimmer went from a probably coach of the year candidate to a guy that has lost his team.  I like Zimmer, and think he’s done the best he can with what he has, but there is literally no more lemonade he can squeeze out of this batch of lemons this year.  The Lions played well and they might be the best team in that division right now, they are certainly getting the best quarterback play at the moment.

My Observations:

The Falcons continued to show their high powered offense and the Bucs continued to produce injured running backs.  At this point, I’d be scared to suit up for Tampa Bay at that position.

The Steelers got Roethlisberger back this week, but that’s about where the good news ended as they dropped the game to the Ravens, putting Baltimore in a tie with Pittsburgh for first place.  That Steelers superbowl pick at the beginning of the year is looking mighty silly.

The Jags still suck…and the Chiefs continued to move forward despite the fact they are on their second quarterback and third running back this week.  It’s time for Bortles to ride off into the sunset, officially, I’m calling it.

The Jets are pretty terrible as well, but at least Jay Ajayi only ran for 100 yards on them.

In a poorly played game, one that my old man compared to two terrible local high school teams, the Giants beat the Eagles.  I don’t think the Cowboys are concerned with either of those teams just yet.

Cam got his bell rung a couple more times, but the Panthers pulled out a win against a terrible Rams team.

The Saints did what everyone else has done this year, and made the 49ers look foolish.  I doubt Chip Kelly is on the hot seat, but a couple more years like this and he will be unemployed.  He just cannot field a competent football team.

The Chargers got into a shootout with the Titans…let that phrase sink in.  The good news is, the Chargers won.  The bad news is, they are still in the same division as Kansas City, Oakland and Denver.

I what I thought was going to be a pretty easy day for the Packers offense, they were embarrassed by a bad Colts defense.  If I was Mike McCarthy, I would do anything but relax at this point.

The Raiders showed they belong, beating the Broncos at home to retain sole possession of first place in their division.  Latavius Murray showed up finally and the Raiders offensive line handled their business all night.  How boring would a Raiders-Cowboys superbowl be come February?

The Seahawks once again won, and they once again were given the benefit of the doubt with a referee looking the other way.  If you’re a fan of any other team in the NFC, are you just waiting to get screwed by the refs in the playoffs as the Seahawks march on to the superbowl this year?

Rising like a Viagra binge:

The Lions get it this week.  Jim Caldwell went from looking like a coach to be fired mid-season to a playoff bound leader of his team.  Sure, the rest of the division is turning out to be pretty bad at football, but a win is a win.

Sinking faster than the Titanic:

The Packers, at 4-4 are not a good football team this year.  It’s not even a matter f a couple bad breaks, either.  When they have been beaten, they’ve been beaten badly.  Can they turn it around to end the year on a playoff push?  I would like to say yes, but I also thought they would be much better up to this point.  Are we giving the Packers credit based solely on reputation at this point? 

Coaches on the hot seat:

Bradley is surely gone, while Jeff Fisher should be right behind him.  Mike McCoy is looking like he’s going to earn another chance to improve, as is Jim Caldwell, which is surprising to say the least.  I said it a couple weeks ago, and I’ll reiterate it now, Mike McCarthy may not want to do anymore work on his Wisconsin home, as I don’t think he will be there much longer.

A quick word on the Cowboys:

I’m an unabashed Cowboys fan, have been since my youth and the time of the “triplets”.  So I would like to say something about the worst-run team in the NFL this side of Cleveland.

Sure, it’s the Browns, but the Cowboys took care of business, and best of all, Jason Garrett took out his stars at the end of the game instead of overworking them with meaningless snaps.  The longer we go on, the closer we get to the Dak/Romo decision (you know where I stand), and that scares me a bit, as do some of the injuries.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys lose to a hungry and embarrassed Steelers team next week, but that’s a respectable loss for a team no one thought would be even close to this good.  As long as the key cogs in the wheel stay healthy, it’s time to start thinking playoffs.


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