Week 8 NFL Preview

NFL Week Right Preview:

By Matt Magill


Game of the Week:

Philly at Dallas – Sunday at 830. We should finally get a good primetime game, right?  You have the high-powered Dallas offense against a good Philly defense, and a recently turnover-prone rookie quarterback against one of the most opportunistic defenses in the NFL.  And it’s for first place!


Time to do Yardwork Game of the Week:

Jets at Browns – Sunday at 1.  Let’s be clear, the Jets are almost assuredly going t win this, providing us with yet another week of Ryan Fitzpatrick awesomeness, but no one is going to want to watch it.


Storylines for the Week:

No one cares about the Jaguars and Titans either, except those of us foolish enough to have any Jaguars on our fantasy team.

Yaaaaayyyy, another London game….said no one, ever. Wait, it’s the Redskins and the Bengals?  Just kidding, I still don’t care.

Kansas City travels to Indianapolis to show that even a middling offense can destroy the Colts.

Oakland travels cross-country again, this time to play the Bucs. This is a tough game to pick because of the timing factor working against the Raiders, but the Bucs have the not great team factor working against them, so there’s that.

How do you get your crappy offense back on track, Seattle? You play the Saints!

Detroit is playing well, and that should definitely continue against a Houston team that would really like their $75 million back from Osweiler right about now.

Will the Patriots avenge their only loss of the year in Buffalo this weekend? I think the real question is, will Tom Brady throw for 400 or 500 yards.

Arizona is clawing their way back into the mix, but come up against a rested Panthers team that would like to show some fight at all this year.

Denver played well against a bad defense, but Philip Rivers has shown he can expose them. Can the Chargers get it done?

Atlanta plays another quality (if flawed) opponent in the Packers this week. Do the Falcons run their losing streak to three games, prompting everyone to see a repeat of last year’s collapse in the works?

Jay Cutler is back! I have to imagine the Minnesota defense is as excited about this as anyone.


Cleveland is 0-5. Their next five games are:

At Tennessee – Nope!

At Cincinnati – Not even close!

Home for the Jets

Home for the Cowboys

At Baltimore

Do they start 0-10 or can they squeeze a win out of that schedule?


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