Week 7 Picks – Results

See below on how we did with our week 7 picks.

Season Records:                        Justin: 50-56-1          Matt: 56-50-1            Dan: 66-40-1

Week 7 Justin Matt Dan
Chicago at Green Bay Chicago Green Bay Green Bay
N.Y. Giants at L.A. Rams L.A. Rams N.Y. Giants L.A. Rams
Minnesota at Philadelphia Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota
Buffalo at Miami Miami Buffalo Buffalo
Cleveland at Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati
Baltimore at N.Y. Jets Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore
New Orleans at Kansas City New Orleans Kansas City New Orleans
Indianapolis at Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Indianapolis
Washington at Detroit Washington Detroit Detroit
Tampa Bay at San Francisco Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Oakland at Jacksonville Jacksonville Oakland Oakland
San Diego at Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta
New England at Pittsburgh New England New England New England
Seattle at Arizona Seattle Arizona Seattle
Houston at Denver Denver Denver Denver
5-9-1 9-5-1 8-6-1

So clearly, I (Justin) didn’t do so well in week 7.  Ok, as long as I’m being honest, I haven’t had a good week in what seems like forever.  I only won 5 games in week 7 and am now 6 games below .500 for the year.  We are halfway through the year after this week, and I’d like to be at .500 or better, so with only 13 games scheduled this week, I have to be darn near perfect.  On the 4 games where I was solo, I only had one win, with that being Miami.  If your a betting person, you’d be rich if you take my picks and bet against every single one.

Matt faired and has faired much better than I the last 3 weeks or so.  He went 9-5-1 on the week, and was 2-0 in his solo picks as both the Giants and Chiefs won their games.  As well as Matt has picked, he is still 10 games behind Dan and will try to make up some of that ground this week.  Do you think he can do it?

Dan, as I mentioned, is way out in front on the season, with yet another week above .500.  He has proven to be Mr. Consistent thus far, almost halfway through the season.  Dan won his only solo pick this week, with the Lions bringing home the W.

All three of us picked 7 games a like this week and we were above .500 in those games, albeit, barely.  We were 4-3 in the games in which we all picked the same winner.  Cincinnati, New England, Tampa Bay, and Denver all made us look good, while Minnesota, Baltimore, and Atlanta made us look like fools.

How did you do in week 7?


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