NFL Week 7 Rewind

NFL Week Seven:

by Matt Magill

The Vikings, the last unbeaten team in the NFL has fallen to the mighty…Philadelphia Eagles? That’s right, coming off two straight losses, the Eagles used a stifling defense to stymie the Vikings offense and overcome a few more miscues from Carson Wentz.  At first glance, it looks like the Eagles caught the Vikings napping and made them pay.  Any given Sunday indeed.

My Observations:

Aaron Rodgers finally threw for 300 yards in a game to back up his call for everyone to relax. I think it might be time to panic a bit though, because even though it was the Bears (and the third-string quarterback for the Bears at that) the Packers still don’t look right.  The Bears, of course, look like the Bears, so there’s that.

The Giants beat the Rams to get on the right side of .500, and L.A. is exactly who we thought they were.

Spencer Ware is quickly supplanting Jamal Charles as “the guy” in Kansas City with another solid game, this week against the Saints.

In a game full of apparently terrible defense, the Colts beat the Titans. If you were subjected to this game on your local television market, I’m sorry.

Speaking of games I’m sorry you had to watch…the Browns played this week, and even head coach Hue Jackson couldn’t bear to be a part of it anymore, taking off his headset and forcing an assistant coach to call plays for the remainder of the game. I’m with you, Hue, I feel your pain.

The Lions are looking pretty okay against a Washington team that is as up and down as anyone in the league. The big question moving forward is when do those two teams hit the losing streak that knocks them out of the playoff picture, and does it cost Caldwell his job?

The Bills finally got bit on a trap game and Jay Ajayi is turning into a beast for the Dolphins.

I’d say the Ravens got bit on a trap game against the Jets, but the Ravens are proving they are just not that good.

After scoring 14 early points, the 49ers were destroyed yet again, this time by the Bucs. At least you’ve got a high cost of living, San Francisco, at least you’ve got that.

The Raiders demolished the Jaguars…but who hasn’t demolished the Jaguars at this point. It’s pretty safe to say that Bortles is not the answer to any question besides “who is overpaid?”

The Falcons lost two in a row (this one to the upstart Chargers) and visions of last year’s grand collapse in Atlanta is starting to make the Falcon-faithful a little leery. Maybe someday Atlanta will realize that you can’t pattern your team structure after the Saints and actually win.

The Patriots won again….just thought you’d like to know.

A tie in the NFL? Only when the theme of garbage play in primetime games holds true.  Don’t worry though, according to, the game was historic.

Brock Osweiler proved why he deserved what Denver was willing to pay him, not what Houston actually paid him.

Rising like a Viagra binge:

I’ve got to give it to the Lions. A team that no one thought would do much, outside of Detroit itself, looks pretty good and is on the right side of .500 nearly halfway through the season.

Sinking faster than the Titanic:

I don’t think the Falcons are sinking just yet, especially in a very winnable division, but I do think that they have a chance of falling apart yet again based on their defensive play the last two weeks, so we’ll put them here for now.

Coaches on the hot seat:

Jeff Fisher is firmly on the hot seat, as is Gus Bradley, and Chuck Pagano is sooooo on the hot seat, that he hasn’t had hair on his ass in two years. I think John Harbaugh has enough clout in Baltimore to survive this year, but I would venture a guess that the other three don’t survive.

A quick word on the Cowboys:

I’m an unabashed Cowboys fan, have been since my youth and the time of the “triplets”. So I would like to say something about the worst-run team in the NFL this side of Cleveland.

Dallas had the week off, but you can check out my take on the great Dak-Romo debate, posted late last week.


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