Week 7 Preview

NFL Week Seven Preview:

By Matt Magill

Game of the Week:

Seattle at Arizona – Sunday at 830. This one wins by default as the slate of games this week are putrid.  Is Seattle as good as everyone says they are?  Is Arizona on its way back to relevance?  This matchup will go a long way to determining the answers to those questions.


Time to do Yardwork Game of the Week:

Tampa Bay at San Francisco – Sunday at 4. I could have picked pretty much every game this week aside from Seattle at Arizona for this spot.  Sure, there may turn out to be some good games this week, but looking at the slate of games, I can’t imagine actually wanting to sit down and watch Baltimore at the Jets, or Indy at Tennessee, let alone the Tampa vs. San Fran stinker.  Use this weekend to button up your honey-do list.


Storylines for the Week:

Can the Packers bounce back after getting shellacked by the Cowboys last week? Well, if they’re going to do so, what better team to play than the Bears (okay, maybe the Browns).

Can Kansas City’s defense stop the Drew Brees train? Can New Orleans’ defense stop anyone at all?

Marcus Mariota might be the hottest quarterback in football right now not named Tom Brady, which leads to the question…does Chuck Pagano make it on the team plane back to Indy?

Can Odell Beckham follow up his monster game last week with a torching of the LA defense? Can Todd Gurley find a hole, somewhere….anywhere?

It looks like Philly is back to being the Philly we thought they were…just in time to get Minnesota off a bye. Is it possible for the Eagles to score negative points this week?

Cleveland is playing Cincinnati this week, so if you hate yourself, watch that.

Can Washington stay hot against a Detroit team that has a tendency to sneak up on people all year?

Jacksonville is just the lazy kid on his parents’ couch. Full of potential but without an ounce of actual desire to meet it.  This week against Oakland is not where they get it done.

Buffalo at Miami will probably be a closer game than you would think at first glance. Will Buffalo finally stumble on their second trap game in as many weeks?

While something might be wrong with Flacco, he gets the Jets secondary this week, which will make him look like a superstar. Which Jets quarterback will get the bulk of the playing time this week?  Does it even matter?

A shootout between Matt Ryan and Phillip Rivers might be fun. Time to pick up everyone on the Falcons and Chargers for your fantasy team.

Well, New England at Pittsburgh looked intriguing last week. Now, not so much.

I don’t care what Houston did to Indy Sunday night, they are not a good team, and Denver will feast on Osweiler. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t finish the game for one reason or another.


Minnesota is the only remaining undefeated team. Their next five games are

At Philly

At Chicago

Home for the Lions

At Washington

Home for the Cardinals

Can they make it to 10-0?


On the flip side, Cleveland is 0-5. Their next five games are:

At Tennessee – Nope!

At Cincinnati

Home for the Jets

Home for the Cowboys

At Baltimore

Do they start 0-10 or can they squeeze a win out of that schedule?


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