Week 6 Pick Results

Week 6 is in the books and it is time to check out how Just Average Sports Guys did with their picks.

Season Records:                         Justin: 45-47             Matt: 47-45               Dan: 58-34

Week 6 Justin Matt Dan
Denver at San Diego Denver Denver Denver
Philadelphia at Washington Washington Philadelphia Philadelphia
Jacksonville at Chicago Chicago Jacksonville Jacksonville
Cincinnati at New England New England New England New England
Baltimore at N.Y. Giants Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore
Carolina at New Orleans New Orleans Carolina New Orleans
Pittsburgh at Miami Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Cleveland at Tennessee Cleveland Tennessee Tennessee
San Francisco at Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
St. Louis at Detroit L.A. Rams L.A. Rams Detroit
Dallas at Green Bay Green Bay Dallas Green Bay
Kansas City at Oakland Kansas City Kansas City Oakland
Atlanta at Seattle Atlanta Atlanta Seattle
Indianapolis at Houston Indianapolis Houston Indianapolis
N.Y. Jets at Arizona N.Y. Jets Arizona Arizona
5-10 8-7 8-7

It wasn’t an ideal week of football for our week 6 picks.  Out of the five games all three Sports Guys agreed on, we went 2-3 overall.  Only New England and Buffalo won those games.

Justin had a dismal week, only going 5-7 and dropping below .500 on the season.  To add insult to injury, he only won one of the four games where he went out on a limb and was the only Sports Guy with those picks.  Justin is on the verge of quickly becoming irrelevant with his picks and needs a near perfect week in week 7 to just try to be respectable.

Matt, however, had a decent week, comparably, going 8-7 overall.  He was able to win two of the three games in which he was the solo Sports Guy with his picks.  Being a Dallas fan paid off for him this week.

Dan didn’t have a good week, compared to the standards he has set so far.  He did finish over .500 on the week with a 8-7 record.  Dan, like Matt, went two and one on his solo picks this week, with Detroit and Seattle pulling through for him.

How did you do with your week 6 picks?  Let us know.













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