NFL Week 6 Picks

It’s time for our week 6 picks.  Can Matt and Justin stay above .500 on the year after this week?  Will Dan finally have an off week with his picks?

Week 6 Justin Matt Dan
Denver at San Diego Denver Denver Denver
Philadelphia at Washington Washington Philadelphia Philadelphia
Jacksonville at Chicago Chicago Jacksonville Jacksonville
Cincinnati at New England New England New England New England
Baltimore at N.Y. Giants Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore
Carolina at New Orleans New Orleans Carolina New Orleans
Pittsburgh at Miami Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Cleveland at Tennessee Cleveland Tennessee Tennessee
San Francisco at Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
St. Louis at Detroit L.A. Rams L.A. Rams Detroit
Dallas at Green Bay Green Bay Dallas Green Bay
Kansas City at Oakland Kansas City Kansas City Oakland
Atlanta at Seattle Atlanta Atlanta Seattle
Indianapolis at Houston Indianapolis Houston Indianapolis
N.Y. Jets at Arizona N.Y. Jets Arizona Arizona

For our first time this season, all three Just Average Sports Guys agree on five of the fifteen games.  With our picks, we show are lack of faith in the Chargers, Bengals, Giants, Dolphins, and 49ers.  Are we right with all five picks?

Justin, again, went against the grain in four games and is the only Sports Guy to pick Washington, Chicago, Cleveland, and the Jets.  Is this the week where his gambles pay off and he is finally able to gain ground on Dan?

Matt stays faithful to his Cowboys this week and is the only Sports Guy thinking they will beat Green Bay at Lambeau.  Matt also was the only one who went with the Panthers and Texans to win their respective games.  Were these three games good games to be a loner for Matt, or will these picks continue to put him behind the eight ball?

Dan paved his own way in three games this week.  He’s the only Sports Guy thinking that Detroit, Oakland, and Seattle will pull out W’s in week 6.  With picks like these, is he again proving us wrong and will just pad his season lead?

You’ve now heard from us, and it’s time for us to hear from you!  What do you think of our picks?  What are your week 6 picks?  Tell us where we are wrong.


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