Week 5 Recap, Notes, & Observations

By Matt Magill

NFL Week Five: Brady’s F-You Tour Makes a Stop in Cleveland
Tom Brady made his first appearance of the year in week five, and did exactly what everyone thought he was going to do. I hope everyone else in the NFL doesn’t mind being in second place because this looks like a “the Patriots or the field” kind of season. 

My Observations:
  The Steelers are making a push to be the second best team in the AFC, and the Jets are looking to wrap up the #1 pick in the draft. That game was a case-study in teams going in the opposite direction.
The Broncos and Eagles both lost their first games of the year, prompting Broncos fans to long for Trevor Siemian and Eagles fans to long for another bye week.
The Titans got a win through a huge ground performance, and though it was against the Dolphins, they’re showing they are going to be a tough out this year.
The Browns and Dolphins still suck (spoiler alert).
The Colts won but still suck, and with the General Manager coming out and saying that giving Andrew Luck so much money has prevented the team from building around him, I feel like the hottest seat in football is in Indy.
The Falcons look legit. To beat the two super bowl participants as heartily as they did, it looks like the NFC may run through Atlanta.
Washington pulled off a surprise, beating Baltimore. Are the ‘Skins better than they started, or are the Ravens worse?
The Giants are back to being the Giants, losing to Green Bay at Lambeau and not looking like a good team while doing it. That’s a few times this year the Giants, at least their offense, has not looked like they were fielding a professional team.
Minnesota continues to roll. I’m marking it down now; Mike Zimmer will win coach of the year.
Arizona won…but it’s Arizona, so who knows what that really means this year.
Carolina…I’ve got nothing. They’re imploding at an alarming rate. If they make it back to the playoffs this year, I’ll be surprised.

Rising like a Viagra binge:
Let’s give a little credit to the Cowboys. Yes, they beat the cream-puffs on their schedule, with their only loss so far coming at the hands of a Giants team that always plays them tough, no matter who’s lining up on the ball. The big shocker was the fact that the Cowboys were able to hang twenty-eight unanswered points on the Bengals (prompting the question whether the Bengals are actually any good this year).

Sinking faster than the Titanic:
The Jets are 1-4 and have looked really bad in getting there. Yes, their schedule has been brutal, but they are just not playing good football in a consistent fashion right now. I originally thought they would squeak in to the final wildcard spot, but now I think they are closer to a top-ten draft pick this year.

Coaches on the hot seat:
It’s safe, at least at this point, to remove Rex from the hot seat. The other candidates felt their seats go luke-warm this week as the Lions and Colts both won (while the Jags did not play). I do think Mike McCoy is on his way out. The Chargers suck, and regardless of a slew of injuries this year, it boils down to underperformance from the whole team, which is generally when you make a change at the head-coaching position.

A quick word on the Cowboys:
I’m an unabashed Cowboys fan, have been since my youth and the time of the “triplets”. So I would like to say something about the worst-run team in the NFL this side of Cleveland.
Test answered! The Cowboys ran out to a 28-0 lead and held on to win it 28-14 over the Bengals. A suspect defense is giving up a respectable amount of points every week, and the running game looks as solid as ever with Zeke and Alfred Morris leading the way. The only thing that could derail this is if someone messed with the chemistry by replacing the starting quarterback and re-inserted the diva wide receiver…oh yeah, that’s right, this is the Cowboys, and that’s exactly what will happen.



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