NFL Week Four

​NFL Week Four: Bill Throws Rex a Bone

By Matt Magill 

The Patriots finally lost a game, and of course it was to the Bills.  Despite what Bill Belichick must be feeling right now, he has to be happy with coming out of the Tom Brady suspension era with only one loss.  No it’s on to Tommy’s redemption tour and a probable 15-1 record for the Patriots.  

My Observations:

The “all about me” tour that each individual member of the Panthers seems to be taking this year has led to a 1-3 record and a couple sizable beat-downs.  As someone that is not a fan of Cam and the “me first” culture he represents, this couldn’t make me happier.  

The Jaguars won in London against a pitiful Colts team, prompting everyone to wonder what happened to Andrew Luck.

The Titans fought hard again but still fell to the Texans (who now have a two game lead in the division) showing that, at least this year, the Titans are destined to be the bridesmaids.

The Browns and Dolphins still suck (spoiler alert) and the Bears suck a little less, but just about as much as the Lions.  

After a great start, the Bucs are turning out to be pretty crappy up against a decent schedule.  They are what we thought they were…a couple years away at best.

Speaking of a couple years away, the Cardinals might be a couple years from relevance themselves after yet another poor performance.  Is it time to start the rebuild in the desert?

The Chargers played what my wife termed the “worst four downs of football in the history of football” in their loss to the Saints on Sunday, which didn’t really surprise anyone.

The Steelers are back to being really good at football.

The Vikings made yet another decent quarterback/wide receiver duo look pedestrian.  The Broncos are a good defense, but the Vikings defense looks even better (which is scary if you’re facing them this year).

Rising like a Viagra binge:

The Falcons and Julio Jones are on a crazy offensive pace right now.  Notoriously fast starters though, is this a pace they can maintain?  Knocking off the Panthers adds a bit of legitimacy to their 3-1 record in the young season, but I’m not ready to even call them a playoff team just yet.

Sinking faster than the Titanic:

The Cardinals and Bucs are each 1-3.  The expectations for both teams were high coming into this year.  The big question is…who has the higher expectations going forward considering the fact that at least the Bucs have a young star quarterback…

Coaches on the hot seat:

I’m not ready to remove Rex or Gus Bradley just yet, but the hot seat has become a bit more crowded as Chuck Pagano, Mike McCoy and Jim Caldwell all enter the fray.

A quick word on the Cowboys:

I’m an unabashed Cowboys fan, have been since my youth and the time of the “triplets”.  So I would like to say something about the worst-run team in the NFL this side of Cleveland.

Yes, all the wins this year have been against inferior competition, but these are games that Dallas is supposed to win.  The fact that they are able to do it with a suspect defense and a rookie signal caller shows me that they may be better than even eternal optimist Jerry Jones would have you believe.  This week against the Bengals will be a huge test.   


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