Coaches -A New Fantasy Position?

by Justin Lasher

Over the weekend I was talking with my best friend, Matt Brown, who like most of my friends share in my love and passion for sports.  Matt and I were catching up and offering our thoughts on a variety of sports subjects, when Matt offered a take I found very intriguing and told him I would need to expand on our thoughts in a post.

The topic was fantasy football, and Matt’s suggestion was outside the box, and when you think deeper about it, to me, it made a lot of sense.  Matt suggested adding a position to fantasy football, head coaches.  My initial reaction was, “no way Matt, you are crazy!”  Then, I paused, thought about it, and realized the potential of Matt’s suggestion as a rational idea.

My only question to Matt after he shared this thought was, “how would you score them?”  His response was that he hadn’t thought about that part of it.  So, as we continued talking, I found my mind keep wondering back to my question, How exactly would you score a head coach in fantasy football?  I came up with a list of four ways in which a head coach could potentially be scored.

Before I get into my list of scoring categories for head coaches, I have to clarify something first.  I do realize that if we added head coaches to our fantasy teams, it wouldn’t be a category where we’d see high scoring coaches from week to week.  However, I do think, as did Matt, that the head coach position could potentially win you a match or cause you to lose a match, especially in those matchups that come down to 5 points or less.  Now, even if you disagree that the head coach position has value, you have to at least admit that this change would add some intrigue to things.

Now onto the topic of how we would score the position of head coach.  The first scoring field for head coaches would be on a successful two point conversion.  As the NFL has tweaked the extra point, more and more teams are attempting the two point conversions.  Per, half of the NFL teams have attempted at least one 2pt conversion so far in this NFL season.   Over the 2015-2016 season, 28 of the 32 NFL teams attempted at least one 2pt conversion.  The more impressive evidence of why this should be a scoring field for head coaches is that, this season alone, of the 16 teams who have attempted a 2pt conversion, only 4 teams have not been successful on at least one attempt.  What I am getting at is that if you were to draft one of the 16 coaches who have attempted a 2pt conversion this year, you would have a 75% chance of having a head coach who would have scored points in this category.

The next field I believe we could score head coaches in is on successful fourth down conversions.  This is always a sensitive subject for fans to judge their team’s coach on.  I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself yelling and screaming at the tv over going for it on fourth down.  Through four weeks of this season, every team has gone for it on fourth down at least once, with only four teams failing to convert at least once.  This is a strategy move that falls only on the head coach, therefore it would only be fair to score the head coach position on this.

A third area in which we could score head coaches is on a successful onside kick.  I realize that this is completely based on how the game is going and it is up to the kicker and special teams to convert, but it is a coaches strategy and decision to make.  Coaches have from time to time made the decision to go with an onside kick to shift the momentum of a game, to catch the opponent off guard, and to adjust the field position of a game.  You may remember when Sean Payton decided to open up the second half of Super Bowl XLIV with an on side kick that caught everyone by surprise.

A final area that head coaches could be scored is the conversion of first down on a fake punt.  You don’t see this very often, especially at the NFL level, but it does still happen and can completely change the outcome of a game.  This decision and when converted can keep a key drive alive allowing a team to win a game and more.

Head coaches are in a consistent chess match with one another throughout the course of an NFL game.  Heck, the chess match starts even earlier in most cases and is prevalent in mid week preparations.  I believe that, albeit a small change, the addition of head coaches as a scoring position in fantasy football can make an already exciting game that much more energizing.

What say you?


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