Week 4 Preview

​NFL Week Three Preview:

By Matt Magill 

Game of the Week:

Kansas City at Pittsburgh – Sunday at 830.  Pittsburgh needs to rebound in a big way after being embarrassed last Sunday, and Kansas City needs to keep the momentum after embarrassing the Jets.  Can the Chiefs defense contain Le’Veon Bell fresh off his suspension?
Time to do Yardwork Game of the Week:

Detroit at Chicago – Sunday at 1.  Detroit should be able to put up a lot of points against a poor Chicago defense, but it won’t be a pretty game in the least.
Storylines for the Week:

Can Cincinnati rebound from a bad loss last week…and have they found their running game?

Can the Jets rebound from a bad loss last week…and do they need to find a new quarterback?

Washington went a long way to turning things around last week by beating the Giants, but was that just desperation by a bad team?

Have we moved on from the “Jacksonville is good” narrative to the “Gus Bradley is on the hot seat” narrative.

How many inanimate objects will Odell Beckham fight this week?

Reading an article earlier in the week calling Jalen Ramsey the next shut down corner, how bad do Cowboys fans feel that they passed on him in the draft to grab a guy in a position that was already addressed in free agency (regardless of how many guys Elliott hurdles)?

Does Baltimore keep up its winning ways this week against an underwhelming Raiders squad?

Which Arizona team shows up this week?

Is Mike Zimmer the early favorite for coach of the year?

Who wins, AJ Green or the Denver cornerbacks?

Can Tennessee take advantage of no JJ Watt and challenge for the AFC South crown?  If they’re going to do it they need to start this Sunday.

Tampa may be a decent team, but their schedule is doing them no favors.  The Denver defense comes calling on Sunday to seriously ruin Jameis Winston’s weekend.

Of the 3-0 teams, who is the pretender?

New England Denver

Baltimore Philadelphia


Of the 0-3 teams, who is capable of pulling out of the hole?


Jacksonville Cleveland


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