Week 3 in Review

​NFL Week Three: Defense Dominates

By Matt Magill

Defense was the name of the game this week as big days by the Patriots, Vikings, Bills, Chiefs and Eagles defenses pushed their teams to a win (and many fantasy owners too I would believe).   By week three, you would generally expect the offenses to be catching up to the defenses, but not in many of the games this past weekend, as many games that looked closer (Dallas vs. Chicago, for example) weren’t really ever in doubt (though if anyone is giving up a 21 point fourth quarter lead, it’s the Dallas Defense).

My Observations:

Apparently firing the offensive coordinator fixed the defense’s woes for the Bills…at least for this week.

After not scoring a touchdown in their opening two games, the Rams scored 37 points on the Bucs, prompting us to wonder if the Bucs are good.

Another hard fought game by the Titans just prove to me that they can win the AFC South, hell I could win the AFC South, by myself, playing every position.

The Seahawks beat up on a bad 49ers team, and Russell Wilson got hurt, so I’m not ready to anoint them as the favorite in the west just yet.

Another good showing from Sam Bradford…Are the Vikings NFC favorites?

Ravens win again…

Patriots win again…

Young quarterbacks are crushing it as Siemian (Denver), Wentz (Philadelphia) and Prescott (Dallas) all shine.

And of course, Odell got into a fight with the kicking net and lost.  That just makes my heart sing.

Rising like a Viagra binge:

The Eagles are looking really good right now, beating a couple cupcakes before meeting the challenge in the battle of Pennsylvania.  Can they keep up this pace?

Sinking faster than the Titanic:

While 1-2 is not that big of a deal this early in the year, the Cardinals have not looked good at all in their two losses.

Coaches on the hot seat:

Gus Bradley is the lone holdover from last week as the Jags lost yet again.  I’m not ready to say Rex Ryan is safe just yet, but at least he’s won a game. 

A quick word on the Cowboys:

I’m an unabashed Cowboys fan, have been since my youth and the time of the “triplets”.  So I would like to say something about the worst-run team in the NFL this side of Cleveland.

Dak continues to do well and have command of the offense.  Elliott is finally getting it going on the ground, and aside from a dumb challenge of a blatant out of bounds play in the first quarter, Garrett didn’t do anything too stupid.  The defense is incredibly inconsistent, but they held up when they needed to.

Of course, it was against the Bears…


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