Week 2 Recap 

​NFL Week Two: Injuries Abound

By Matt Magill 

It has been a long time since I saw this many players go down with an injury in a single week.  Between those that were expected (Arian Foster – who lasted longer than I thought he would) and the unexpected (Adrian Peterson, Jimmy Garoppolo and, a personal favorite of mine, DeMarcus Ware –get well soon D-Ware).  While some of these may not be serious, whenever a quality starter misses time, it puts a stress on the rest of the team.  As fans, that’s the best part, we get to see the rest of the team respond.  They can either rally or falter.  That, is why I love sports.

My Observations:

The Bills are not good at football, and changing offensive coordinators will not fix their woes.

Seeing an article on ESPN.com that says “Which football players are protesting the National Anthem” on Sunday took the last shred of credibility that network had a shot it all to hell.  Add to that the fact that they used a sideline reporter to discuss which players in the Monday night game would be protesting and what they would be doing to protest.  If you use ESPN to get anything but scores, you are doing yourself a disservice. 

Are the Titans sneaky-good?  If the Texans trip up, can they win that division?

Are we sure the Seahawks are good?  No, really.  I know the Seahawks have been slow starters, but this was at home against Miami.  I saw an article on ESPN’s site that said the Seahawks were the “Class of the NFC”.  Really?  After week one?  Did they watch the game or just see the box score? – This was a question after week one…and that performance on Sunday tells me that no, they are not good right now. 

Sam Bradford might finally be the answer at quarterback for someone, and good on the Vikings for going out and getting him instead of punting the season.

The Giants defense is going to give everyone fits all year.  Is it enough to get them to the Superbowl?  I don’t think so, but they look like a legit threat to win the east.  The fact that their turnover differential is atrocious right now and they are still 2-0 is surprising and not in the least bit sustainable.

Jameis Winston will not have too many of those games (4 interceptions) but it’s part of being a young quarterback.  Arizona had to make a statement this week, and they did.

Rising like a Viagra binge:

The Texans are 2-0, and while this win wasn’t pretty, it shows that they can win the tough ones.  Speaking of winning the tough ones…what a comeback by the Ravens!

Sinking faster than the Titanic:

Two teams that were thought to contend are now 0-2.  The Redskins and Jaguars are both a massive disappointment to their fan-bases, luckily the fans are used to this.  Who can salvage their season?  Can either of them? 

Coaches on the hot seat:

Chuck Pagano, Rex Ryan and surprise candidate Gus Bradley from the Jaguars makes an appearance after going 0-2 to start a season where expectations were higher than they’ve been since, what, the early Jack Del Rio years?  (Fisher is saved for a week because he opened the home slate with a win over a quality opponent, but the Rams are not a good team either).

A quick word on the Cowboys:

I’m an unabashed Cowboys fan, have been since my youth and the time of the “triplets”.  So I would like to say something about the worst-run team in the NFL this side of Cleveland.

Prescott had another good game that was almost undone by poor coaching.  Is this going to be a theme every week?  How are the coaches going to look bad and try to lose the game for us?  Seriously, an onside kick in the third quarter when you just scored to take the lead?  Who do you think you are, Garrett?  The only reason I would do that is so that the Redskins can score quickly and I can get my offense back on the field to win it, but I doubt that was his thinking, in fact I doubt he’s even thinking.

Elliott is still without a 100 yard game, and this running game that was supposed to lead the way and cover for the fact that Jerry Jones does not acquire quality defensive players is not really living up to the hype.


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