Just Hold Onto the Ball!

Clemson Video Clemson’s Ray-Ray McCloud vs. Troy

Oklahoma Video Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon vs. Ohio State

Cal Video California’s Vic Enwere vs. Texas

By Justin Lasher 

In what is becoming a unnecessary and down right stupid epidemic, players left and right are running untouched for a touchdown and decide to voluntarily drop the ball before they reach the end zone.  I can’t for the life of me figure out what makes someone want to drop the ball before scoring a touchdown.  Not only are you taking points off the board for your team, but you are undoubtedly making your coach very upset with you, not to mention your teammates.

You can see by watching the three videos linked above, that this silly trend has happened three times in the first three weeks of the college football season.  In my humble opinion, if you can’t hang onto the ball while on the field, then maybe you should be sent with a one way ticket to bench to think about it and work on your ball handling skills.  You are showing that you don’t deserve to touch the ball.  It’s not about you, it’s about the team you are playing for, the school that is paying your way through college, and the fans that are giving you a platform to showcase your talents.  By dropping the ball prior to the goal line, you are proving that you care more about celebrating and drawing attention to yourself than anything else.  It’s not like someone is within range of hitting you.  Last time I held a football, it wasn’t that heavy, so there is no excuse as to why you can’t simply carry it one to two yards further into the end zone.

I’ve already mentioned one simple solution to putting a much needed end to this trend.  Besides taking away a player’s playing time, there are other ways to get the point across.  Running is always a dreaded practice discipline, and I would have players who fail at carrying the ball past the goal line, lace up their cleats and start running, and keep running, and when they think they are done, make them run some more.  Another option is, as they are letting down the larger team, to prevent them from being around the team.  What I am getting at, is for doing something so stupid, simply suspend a player and prevent them from being around the team during the suspension.  I would also make them hand write each of their teammates and coaches an apology letter for their inexcusable mistake and letting their team down.

There is no reason that this should have happened once, let alone 3 times, in the first three weeks of the season.  Just hold onto the dang ball.  If you can’t understand this concept, and can’t perform this task, you have no right to be playing the game of football.


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