NFL Week 2 Preview 

-by Matt Magill

NFL Week Two Preview:

Game of the Week:

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – Sunday at 1
Time to do Yardwork Game of the Week:

Philadelphia at Chicago – Monday at 830
Storylines for the Week:

With a lot of 0-1 teams (half the league, naturally) dreading that 0-2 hole, who can improve enough to pull even this week?

Who’s for real, Tampa or Arizona?  This week’s matchup will go a long way to telling us who’s a legit threat this year.

Sure, the Giants shut down a rookie quarterback following an Alex Smith-level conservative gameplan in week one, but how do they do when they come up against Drew Brees and co.?

Dallas and Washington were both big disappointments in week one.  Who can get their first win of the year when the Cowboys travel to Washington?

Will Jason Garrett let Dak Prescott play football this week?

Can the Eagles start 2-0 or will they fall back to earth when they come up against a relatively competent football team?

Was Miami’s play in Seattle an aberration or can they slow down the “F-U” train that is the New England Patriots?

Will TV networks stop focusing on the players protesting the national anthem?  To me, that is more unpatriotic than the actual protest.  ESPN had at least three cameras on Kaepernick on Monday night last week and focused in on him for at least half of the anthem.  In related news…ESPN is actually the worst.

Cincinnati survived a dog-fight last week while Pittsburgh cruised to victory.  Does that effect how they play one another this week?


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