NFL Week One In Review

-by Matt Magill

NFL Week One:  Parity Abounds

With the amount of close games, including a slew of come from behind victories this last weekend, it’s safe to say that there are no great teams (and to be fair, there rarely are during the first week of any season).  There are some pretty shitty teams (I’m looking at you Cleveland and Buffalo) but the “elite” teams, or at least the teams pegged to be elite were pretty damn average.

My Observations:

The Eagles had one of the most dominant wins in week one…against the Browns.  So make of that what you will.  Carson Wentz might be good, he played well, but as the Tuna would say: “Let’s put away the anointing oil” for a few games until he faces more than the NFL’s equivalent of a Pop-Warner team.

The NFL and their concussion policy is probably the biggest joke in sports. 

Are we sure the Cardinals are good?

Are we sure the Seahawks are good?  No, really.  I know the Seahawks have been slow starters, but this was at home against Miami.  I saw an article on ESPN’s site that said the Seahawks were the “Class of the NFC”.  Really?  After week one?  Did they watch the game or just see the box score?

Poor decision-making was the theme for Sunday.  Jacksonville’s wide receiver screen on fourth and 2, Chuck Pagano gift-wrapping a win for the Lions and Terrance goddamn Williams were all recipients of the dumbass of the day award.

The Rams are not good at football in any aspect.

The Steelers are very good at football, and DeAngelo Williams is a beast.

Rising like a Viagra binge:

Boy, Jameis Winston looked pretty good, didn’t he?  And against a decent team too.  Look out for the Bucs as a wildcard team this year.

Sinking faster than the Titanic:

I’m tempted to say Ryan Fitzpatrick, because he was brought back and paid a decent sum of money to do more than average 5.4 yards per completion, but his team was in the game right to the end, despite a monster day from AJ Green.  I’m going to go with the Arizona Cardinals.  The whole team.  Carson Palmer looked downright scared at times in the pocket.  The defense wasn’t able to hold off a Patriots offense missing four starters including two of the best at their position.  This was a prohibitive Super Bowl favorite that needs to re-examine everything they’re doing right now if they even hope to make the playoffs.

Coaches on the hot seat:

Pagano, Rex Ryan and Jeff Fisher don’t look long for this world.

A quick word on the Cowboys:

I’m an unabashed Cowboys fan, have been since my youth and the time of the “triplets”.  So I would like to say something about the worst-run team in the NFL this side of Cleveland.

I like Dak Prescott.  I like his poise, I like the fact that he is able to read the field, and I like the fact that he had command over the team.  I do not like the fact that the Giants played the run, daring Dak to go deep and beat them over the top, and he didn’t do it.  That’s a game-plan mistake.  I get it, you go into the matchup wanting to establish your dominance at the line of scrimmage.  When you’re played to a stalemate through the first half, you need to mix it up, and the Cowboys failed to do it.  Poor coaching doomed that team as much as an inept defense and a wide receiver with the football IQ of a chicken sandwich.

Can I just say, as well, that maybe if Dallas had picked up a difference maker for the defense, instead of wasting their first two picks in the draft on a running back they didn’t need and a defender that won’t even see the field this year, they may have won that game.  


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